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6 responses to “Nokia Announces N97 Flagship N-Series Device”

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  2. Laszlo  T Varga

    Too bad we can not get this phone in the USA.
    Why are we the last to get the good phones like this one?

  3. Christopher Price

    Generally, it’s because of where the companies are headquartered. Nokia is headquartered in Europe, and has struggled with catering properly to the broad customer base in the United States (by their own admission).

    I would say that we aren’t consistently the last anymore. iPhone, iPhone 3G, and the T-Mobile G1 show that we are far from last place today. That trend will continue as Android adoption increases with US-based companies such as Motorola.

    And, the Symbian Foundation partnership will hopefully re-ignite handset makers other than Nokia to re-embrace the Symbian platform… though, recent gains by Android have made that less promising in the short term.

  4. candra

    when the N97 available in indonesia? how much ? thx

  5. candra

    how about the pocket office, can edit or just viewer? bad idea if just viewer? thx

  6. Nokia Girl

    your blog is quite nice!