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3 responses to “Nokia Appears to Kick Out Developer for Saying He’s Sticking with Symbian”

  1. andraz
  2. Did you do your research at all?

    “Gravity is arguably the most popular Twitter client on Symbian, possibly even surpassing Twitter’s own access methods on Symbian.”

    should be changed to “Gravity is arguably the only Twitter client on Symbian, since there is no official app made for Symbian and other Symbian developers seem happy to let Gravity to have a monopoly.”

    Heres a tip. The dev charges about 5 euros for his app and he gets away with it simply because there is no other option for the average symbian user. Want to use twitter? you can either use the craptastic symbian browser to access m.twitter, or use janole’s app, which dont come cheap.

    “But, apparently, Nokia is attempting to force Symbian developers with coercion into bringing their Symbian successes to Windows Phone. Either get your apps to Windows, or get out of our ecosystem.”

    really? rofl. No. Janole is not being singled out. The whole dev program is shutting down. Nokia offered some nice olive branches and gave them offers of free lumias, but janole obviously did not take it. Heck he does not even support Qt. Dont know what that is? Im not surprised. But of course, dont let your lack of objectivity get in the way.

    There, i done the research you ought to have do. but i guess that shows what kind of journalistic standards this site has.

  3. Tom S

    I won’t call the last poster by his name, because, well, moron is a better name.

    Janole was the first to speak out. These guys were one of the first to break the news. I saw it here first, but it is now on several sites.

    Nokia promised to keep supporting Symbian/Belle. The PureView 808 JUST LAUNCHED.

    What a stab in the back to those that, within the past 45 days, plonked down $600 for the PureView 808. Symbian developers get kicked to the curb, which means these guys get tons of apps… not. Way to keep supporting Belle, Nokia!

    To the last poster, your mental standards are what need review.