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6 responses to “Nokia Pushing Out New AT&T Lumia 900 Update, Adds New Features”

  1. Jesse cannas

    Mr. Saabedra do you know when at& t is going to release unlock codes for the nokia lumia 900

  2. marcus

    Flip to silent? How about you fix my WiFi issues. I’ve gone through two 900s both with WiFi issues

  3. Christopher Price


    The Lumia 900 is exclusive to AT&T in the United States. Per AT&T’s unlocking policy, they do not release subsidy unlock codes for devices that are exclusive to AT&T in the United States.

    As such, I don’t think AT&T will ever offer subsidy unlocks for the Lumia 900. The good news is that 4G LTE AT&T MVNOs are coming online, and you should be able to use them on lower-cost MVNO services soon.

  4. Neil

    Thanks for the review! Just updated my phone. Sorry you have WiFi issues, marcus. My WiFi works perfectly.

  5. Dave

    I am having issues with my touch screen. Sometimes it is no responsive and won’t let me answer calls.

  6. maira hedge

    thats really nice, i hope this update will add some more interesting features into the list. Lumia 900 is yet a great device if you set aside the above mentioned update, i own this amazing phone, and i love it. here is a small article of Lumia 900 i have posted this article so that you guys could take a glance at its superb quality features and design. Hope you would like it as i do. Also share your comments if you didn’t like it. thanx