Nokia Rolls Out Anna Update for US NAM Smartphones

After months of anticipation, Nokia has officially begun its roll out of the Symbian Anna update for the US NAM versions of the N8, C7, C6-01 and E7.

The update makes major and minor changes to the operating system such as a portrait virtual QWERTY keyboard and changes to the photo gallery as well as instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, meeting requests and hardware-accelerated device encryption in the updated Email application. Symbian Anna also includes updated Nokia Maps, web browser, Nokia Store, Nokia Suite, and Nokia’s Social applications while activating the NFC hardware in the Nokia C7, which allows it to be used with mobile wallet applications. The update will be made available over the air and over the recently updated Nokia Suite.

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One response to “Nokia Rolls Out Anna Update for US NAM Smartphones”

  1. Christopher Price

    And, Nokia managed to leave out the most popular Symbian Anna-capable phone, the NAM version of the 5230 (T-Mobile’s Nuron).