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57 responses to “Exclusive: Nokia Reverses Course, Quietly Begins Selling N9 in United States”

  1. Jeff

    Yes I know, I posted an updated post but for some reason it wasn’t approved:
    I’ll try again with just my text and no links:

    Actually you’re right it is there, but it’s hidden away.
    “Business” isn’t even in the “Products” drop-down menu.
    You have to click on “Products” which takes you to:
    In that section it highlights “All phones” by default.
    But STILL in that section the N9 isn’t mentioned at all.
    You have click on “Nokia for business” next to “All phones” & that takes you to:
    Then on that page, tucked below Lumia & Belle, is a heading for the N9.
    They really are doing their best to keep it low-key aren’t they, quite sad.

  2. Jeff

    Glad to see that US owners will finally have truly US stock with US warranty etc.
    It’s still not ideal in that it’s limited to only one major (& by some accts 2nd-tier) retailer, & not just open slather availability in the US retail channel.
    And it’s far too late to garner any significant sales… BUT it’s better than nothing, I guess.

  3. Peter Elgin

    nokia needs to remove the label of no more MeeGo device in order to have decent sale in any market including US market.

    otherwise it is a waste of money and time again at a time when nokia can not afford any waste.

    yes, Steven Elop’s WP7 only strategy has to be replaced with MeeGo, Symbian + WP7/8 + android option.

    no need to fire Elop right now but let him resign by assigning all his responsibility to new COO. Let Elop face the lawsuit from nokia true investors not US short sellers.

  4. Shaq

    lets take the positives out of this, if its aimed at corporates in the US then it can be implied that the MeeGo os and N9 support is gonna be around for some time to come; with that said many consumers in the US really do appreciate what a smart phone is all about … in this case the N9, no offense to ios, wp os and android they all have their limitations and positives,
    Now Nokia has complete control over Maemo/MeeGo all to itself, lets see the wonders that come out from this…(what elop said earlier last year was his mistake and nokia should not blamed for that, i believe the board must have had something to say about that after elops incident)
    Its rare to see a hardware-software combo work so much in unison, however with a lil help from Nokia and the Maemo community it will definitely be hard to not notice.

  5. Shaq

    PR 1.3 update for the N9 should be out soon 🙂

  6. Jeff


    Knowing everything I do, I’m sorry to say I don’t share the same optimism, but let’s see.
    Yes I know PR1.3 will be out soon, but don’t expect massive chunks of feature adds…
    It’s primarily a bug-fix release compared to PR1.2, as it should/must be, w/rumors that many of the stock apps will be updated.

  7. John Mann

    The main danger for Nokia is still WP7 (or 8). Problem is that they will die ignoring this fact. The real option would have been to make a strong migration (they started it..) from the old Symbian to a Symbian with Linux (BSD, whatever) Kernel, exactly as Apple made from OS9 to OSX… But obviously, Nokia’s board is totally obsolete, and they thought MS was a solution. Sorry guys, it’s your doom to disappear. I loved my N900… 🙁