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5 responses to “Nokia’s First Windows Phone 7 Concepts Leaked”

  1. Sandra

    Where is the differentiation that Nokia CEO Elop was raving on about?

    You see more differentiation with Android interfaces than this. It is a complete farce that Elop has destroyed Nokia by betting its entire future on Microsoft’s failed mobile platforms.

  2. sam somwaru


  3. whine whine whine whine

    1. i think that phone looks awesome. looks are subjective and you can’t use them to declare whether something will sell or not
    2. wp7 hasn’t failed yet, and most likely wont. it’s gotten 8000 apps in the 3 month span since launch. just because it didnt’ selll out in every store the second it was available doesn’t mean it’s a failure. remember the g1?
    3. stop sucking steve jobs ****

  4. Christopher Price

    I doubt the differentiation Elop mentioned would be in these concept photos.

    What was likely referred to is that Nokia will be able to break some of the very-rigid rules that Windows Phone manufacturers must now conform to. HTC Sense on WP7 is an example of the rules being bent for HTC to bring some of their pervasive experience over to their WP7 devices.

    I suspect Nokia will be allowed to go much deeper than HTC Sense on WP7. Nokia likely negotiated the ability to rewrite major parts of the user experience, as well as first-strike at getting WP7 into low-end and feature phone devices.

  5. tkboxer

    MS should maintain tight control over WP7 UI. Google letting OEM’s skin Android leads to a non-uniform experience for the user. Being a Nexus One owner I can tell you that vanilla Android is better than any OEM skin. If the user wants to add more or different functionality to the OS than that is what the app store is for.

    Mobile OS developers, ie: MS, Google, HP/WebOS should develop, maintain and mature their platforms by continually supporting and adding features.
    Mobile OS developers should be the only pushing updates to phones running their OS!

    OEM’s should produce fantastic, cutting-edge high quality hardware across multiple price points. OEM’s selling points should be high quality hardware that will last and not be two generations outdated in three months.

    Carriers should build and maintain rock solid networks that offer the best possible voice signal and data speeds in their service area. That said, if they do that and price their plans and features fair, consumers will seek them out for their high level of service and value for their money.

    I recognize this is a fantasy world I describe, but….. wouldn’t it be nice if someday it existed.