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5 responses to “Nortel Ends WiMax Solutions Venture with Alvarion”

  1. Don Louie

    Is this good or bad for Wi Max?

  2. Christopher Price

    Well, it’s certainly not good for WiMAX. But, I think everyone realizes that this isn’t spurred by WiMAX going the HD DVD route.

    Nortel is bankrupt. They don’t have money to invest in new wireless technology… they have no money at all. So, they’ve shored themselves up in LTE while handing the WiMAX business off to Alvarion.

    While it’s never good to hear a company like Nortel just bailed on your technology, a company like Nortel doesn’t have the cash to support new technologies much either. I certainly wouldn’t call this a win for the LTE side of things… if we’re even playing that stupid game at this point.

  3. Don Louie

    So did Nokia abandon Wi Max or just pull thier one and only device?

  4. Christopher Price

    Quite simply, we don’t know. Nokia PR won’t respond (which may be due to that the WiMAX team is small, and there isn’t much media relations team there to speak of).

    We do know one of two things is happening, either:

    1) Nokia pulled the N810 WiMAX Edition units so that they could be re-branded with Clear firmware, and sold on both Clear and Clearwire. Or…
    2) Nokia is pulling out of WiMAX R&D.

    We really don’t know if that decision has even been reached yet. Even Nokia would agree however that they haven’t given WiMAX a fair shot at sales until they have the ability to sell on the entire Clear region. So, I suspect the first door is the most likely route at this point, especially since the N810 WiMAX Edition is a finished, tested product.

  5. Don Louie

    Are there any other Wi Max vendors going this route?