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360 responses to “Not a Rumor, the LG Rumor has Issues”

  1. Sprint Responds, Admits LG Rumor Issue, Denies Reason for Pulling |

    […] have reported today that Sprint has responded to our reporting, wherein they claim that the LG Rumor was not halted (in sales) due to an issue with the phone. […]

  2. asad

    What a phone. ya i use it it unremarkable

  3. skin it. «

    […] loved it so much she immediately got one for herself too! the phone does have its fair share of issues but neither of us have really experienced too many technical difficulties. i do have one complaint, […]

  4. bevnb

    This just happened to my fiance’s phone this afternoon. The Sprint Tech support rep we spoke with said she has had 8 issues reported to her. Talked to Sprint about this at 625pm tonight and their tech support rep denied this was a known problem. Even though she had 8 customers report it.

  5. ch33rleader

    this problem has just recently happened to my phone, and it also says that my phone is permently out of service? is this a commen side effect to this problem?
    and has sprint or lg said how to fix it without having to send it in?

  6. fizzy

    hahahah i got the phone right when it came out then got the update weeks ago. then recently the phone stop chargin on me so i got a new one. thank god it never happed to me cuz i love this phone!

  7. SharShar

    I had the phone in my pocket and it was off. It turned on “by accident” as I bent down my pants turned it on and then pressed the secret code. I assumed it erased the firmware.
    I took it to the store they said they would look at. Since I don’t have insurance they plan to charge me to fix it. If they are aware of the problem why don’t they send a text prompting the update. They will text me when they I don’t pay my bill but not for this important to inform me of the update. I’m going to go back to see what they say now that I am aware of the Glich.

  8. SharShar

    I had the phone in my pocket and it was off. It turned on “by accident” as I bent down my pants turned it on and then pressed the secret code. I assumed it erased the firmware.
    I took it to the store they said they would look at. Since I don’t have insurance they plan to charge me to fix it. If they are aware of the problem why don’t they send a text prompting the update. They will text me when they I don’t pay my bill but not for this important update. I’m going to go back to see what they say now that I am aware of this Glich.

  9. Jordan

    YA….this happened to my phone and it sayz service is required!But hey should of sent a notice of that when u bought it……but other wise i luv the phone

  10. sandi

    Sprint told me it was recalled and my issue was it would not allow me dow download music from the sprint store.

  11. Ryan

    I have similar symptoms that happened to my LF Fusic about 2 weeks ago. I turned it off and when I went to turn it back on it was stuck on the sprint screen and doesn’t go any further.

  12. Heather

    I haven’t had this specific problem, but I have had a few in the past two weeks.

    First…the phone would not charge and I had to get a new one (which I finally got YESTERDAY)
    Now (this brand new phone)…I can’t receive text messages unless I call someone and then the text message show up and some of them are from hours earlier

    I love this phone, but right now it is really starting to piss me off

  13. Beth

    My son and daughter each have this phone, today my daughter’s screen went completly white and kept turning on and off by its self, my son’s phone did this about a month ago (their phones are about 4 months old). I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there should be another recall on this phone.

  14. Bryce

    Beth, my Rumor does the exact same thing. Its about 4 months old as well and gives me a white screen on occasion and also has many glitches (artifacts) in the graphics. I plan on taking my phone in and asking for the firmware to be updated here soon.

  15. Meeeee

    I got my LG Rumor when they first came out and I noticed it had some defects. My boyfriend told me I should have waited until the phone had been issued before buying it, but I ignored him and the issues. I simply blaimed it on the fact that I’m a little rough with electronics. Well I was afraid to tell Sprint because they are horrible at catoring to people with phone problems if you don’t have phone insurance (I once had to buy a pre paid phone cause they wouldn’t fix mine). But none the less, I decided to stop in my local Sprint store and ask about the restarting problem, maybe I needed updated software. The Sprint man asked me when I bought it, and immediately went ahead and ordered me a new replacement free of charge due to the issues they had with the first batch. I was grateful for that but why didn’t Sprint tell me these phones were causing issues? I wish I had known earlier. Yet another reason I hate Sprint customer service.

  16. trevor

    i just got this phone today, and whenever i try to send text messages they fail the first 3 or 4 times, sometimes even more, then finally go through. it doesnt matter how much reception im getting, i can be at no bars or four bars and the exact same thing happens. anyone else have this problem? any known solutions?

  17. Bryce

    An update to my problem:

    A firmware update did not solve my phone’s problems. I have also tried cleaning the battery’s contacts in case the glitches were a result of the phone not receiving enough power.

    The phone was never dropped or exposed to water so I must admit I am confused. I still believe it to be a software issue, but I cannot be certain.

    I will take my phone in tomorrow and see if it can be replaced much like “Meeeee’s” was.

  18. Bryce

    One last update:

    Sprint is replacing my phone free-of-charge. The screen would always turn white or have glitches on the screen.

    They didn’t ask any questions once they saw the screen, but ordered me a new one immediately. For once, I was happy to be a Sprint customer.

  19. Doug Foster

    o.k. I purchased the rumor about two weeks ago. For the most part I am pleased with it the qwerty keyboard is great for txting and for writing blogs such as this. I traded my V3 for this phone which was an upgrade in some area and a downgrade in others. For example my v3 I could access the sprint music store from the phone this one I have to use my computer. the mp3 player is great but needs a louder speaker or to send the music via bluetooth. Also the rumor could use the sprint TV feature. The only other problem I have with the phone is not being able to choose where I store files I download from the internet. Any info on the afore mentioned probs. would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Brooke

    I got an LG Rumor the first day they came out in stores around Seattle. Ever since then i loved it. Until about 2 weeks ago when it decided to not charge. I’m wondering if anybody else has had problems with this besides me? I should have bought insurance for my phone in the begining but the guy at the store had talked about how great these phone would last for 2 year until we had enough credit to geet a new phone. but no to be completly honest i think these phones are not that great. I really think they need to redesign them.

  21. patrice

    My phone jumps on and off the charger and restarting on its on. I taking it back to get the m520.

  22. Jess

    We bought our LG Rumor when it first came out like many others. We took it to the Sprint store and they did the software update that is suppose to fix the problem, NOT! The phone still will turn on and off on its own. We also can not access downloaded ringers to assign them to contacts. We deleted songs and redownloaded, did not fix problem. I am VERY frustrated with this phone. We will try taking it back today and ask what our options are. I am praying they will give us a new one, but I am not hopeful.

  23. Jess

    Went to Sprint store yesterday. They would not exchange my phone for a new phone. They also said I have to pay for a “refurbished” phone because I only have “lost/stolen” insurance not repair insurance. I told them that shouldn’t matter because issues with phone are known to them and problems are a result of manufacturer defects. Speaking to Sprint Manager then said only one known problem with phones; not all the issues we are having. They told me I had to contact LG if I wanted a new phone. How would I do that? I am so depressed about this. The lack of solutions we received from Sprint doesn’t surprise me. I do not know why we stay!?! I just bought myself the new LG Muzic. I pray this phone won’t give me the problems my daughter’s phone has!!!

  24. somepone

    i got this phone in december. I liked it a lot, but i dropped once or twice, like most people. The plastic is very soft so it chips VERY easily. Then, about a month later, the screen went completly white. I sent it in and about 2 weeks later i finally got a replacement. But i couldnt send or recieve txts. Or make out going calls. I could recieve calls, but that was it. Then, less then 2 months after getting it replaced, the screen started going fuzzy. Now, i cant c wat my messages say. And some times it will go comepletely white. I will send it back, but i will REFUSE to have it replaced with another rumor. This is a problem that i dont want to deal with every month or so!

  25. Charlene

    I purchased the LG Rumor for my daughter in November as a present for X-mas. Her phone turned on by itself five days ago and turned white off and on two days ago. Yesterday it finally went completely white and you cannot see a thing on the screen. I called Sprint and they told me to take it in to a Sprint store. I went to the Sprint store down the street to me only to be told to take it to another store that had a technician (they also gave me the address to the store with the technician) only to find out that there was no technician there. I then had to drive a half an hour to another store to have her phone looked at by a technician. After leaving her phone there for an hour we returned to have the associate say they ordered another phone as they cannot fix this phone and it would take three to five days. I asked what we would do in time that it takes to get the other phone and why I have to pay for a service I cannot use for one week. The associate told me to call customer service and they will credit my account. I called customer service from MY phone as my daughter’s phone did not work only to be told that they could not do anything and I would be responsible for paying the full amount as they are providing a service as stated in my contract. I stated that they were violating my contract as I do not have service as my daughter cannot use her phone. She stated I had service, but no equipment. I stated that I tried calling *2 from HER phone and was not able to get through to customer service as stated on my bill so how are they providing me a service. She could not answer this and told me they could not assist me. She told me the store should have given me a temporary phone to use, but the store told me to call customer service and they would credit me. This is ridiculous as I bought the phone through Sprint and cannot use their “service”. Oh-by the way, there was another lady behind me at the first store who had to follow me to all the stores as she had the same problem with her phone. Did I say ridiculous!

  26. Brian Licata

    I got the rumor mid february. I absolutely hate this phone. If i recieve any email unless its on silent the phone turns off and on. it randomly connects to the internet without trying to start it up. the T9 refuses to work. sprint scammed me on the phone. Price on the phone was 50$ with free activation and shipping. When bill arrived phone price was 150$ and I charged for activation and shipping. Id really just like to get rid of the LG Rumor and this horrible service called Sprint.

  27. SC

    Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their LG Rumor going onto the internet on it own? When I slide the keyboard out or take the phone off keygaurd to use it – I notice the little “3G Service” Icon is on. I have to sometimes turn the phone off to get it to go away. Does anyone know what is causing this? Or has anyone had the same problem?! Thanks!

  28. jina

    I got lg rumor 2weeks ago and now it does not turn on.

  29. Connie Pollard

    DO NOT BUY A LG PRODUCT – especially the Rumor LX260! Got the phone in October of 2007 as soon as it came out on line. Two weeks ago I had it in my jeans pocket and the keys were pressed that caused the phone to erase all of its memory. Took it to Sprint. They said they could not fix it, but knew the problem was a defect in the phone and told me to ship it to LG for repair. Called LG and was told, they knew of the problem and they would either fix my phone and send me the same phone or I would receive a new one. After 10 days with no phone, I did get the same phone back, but with a form that said: “UNREPAIRABLE: broken receptacle pattern”. After 3 calls to LG over a 3 day period, I have been told that they can’t upload the new software because the receptacles for this have been damaged due to trauma. When asked, what did I do to cause this, they said the receptacles are in the same port as the charger – a little further up the port – and that I either pushed the charger in too far to create the trauma or it may have happened if it was used while charging. I have read the instruction manual, and there is no warning for this. I consider charging the phone and using it while charging normal use. They disagree and will do nothing to help me out. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT AGAIN.

  30. Gabriella

    I’ve had my rumor for about 4 monthes. But today i went outside to go gardening and my phone screen went crazy and the picture is going all around the place and when it blacks out after the little 30 seconds or so it comes back with those static stripes. I was just wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

  31. louis

    i cant figure out how to work my mp3 player,, i have a memory card with a lot of music on it but it wont play on my phone

  32. catatwood

    i’ve had the rumor LG since december 2007. it has randomly turned itself off while in standby mode. it happens more and more often. it turns itself off randomly about 2-3 times every day now. sprint is no help since i don’t have insurance on the phone (another $7 per month on top of sprint’s already high bill), and LG is even worse. both offered to replace my NEW phone with a REFURBISHED phone – for a $55 fee! UNACCEPTABLE!! so i’m stuck with a phone that randomly turns itself off. i’m paying the termination fee with sprint and going to verizon. sprint is the worst provider out there, and their “customer service” is a joke. not having to deal with sprint’s customer service ever again is worth every penny of the $150 termination fee in my book.

  33. ladylion8

    ok so, i oredered this phone monday and im waiting for it to get here which i think it will tomorrow and im wondering if sprint fixed these problems… im just getting the phone for the first time and will i have these problems i dont want my phone to be all jacked up like everyone elses!..well ill see how it works and how long it works and im for sure getting insurance… apparently it looks like ill need it

  34. Travis Zuluaga

    yeah…my phone randomly shuts off sometimes like when i slide it open to reply to a text message and it’s very annoying….i haven’t called sprint and talked to them yet but i will soon…the only other problem i have is if im not using it a lot the battery drains very fast

  35. Alaree

    I am wondering if anyone has had the same problem I am having with my Rumor. When I receive text messages the Mailbox icon shows up(not the envelope) and then even when I don’t have any messages either the envelope or the mailbox is at the top of my screen. Also it has been dropping a lot of calls lately. I live in Atlanta so they shouldn’t have the excuse of no towers. Also when I get a text message there is a fuzzy sound coming out of the speaker on the back. Can someone tell me if all of this is a precursor to the white screen and shutting on and off by itself?

  36. Darbfred

    I upgraded to the Rumor a week ago and so far have been pleased with it. There is one thing I cannot figure out. If you connect to the internet and select “menu” then “7” which is to go to a web page, then you get a page where you type in the URL (http://www…..).

    Is there any way to erease the URLs in that list? I have tried typing new ones thinking they would override the old ones but they don’t – the list just keeps growing.

    I’m told by Sprint that if I take this to an authorized dealer they will update or reinstall the browser, which will take care of this.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  37. DRoss

    my husband just got the lg for the both of us but for some reason I am being charged for ringtones that I am not downloading they tell me they can’t block the ringtones and keep saying i’m purchasing them I don’t need any ringer due to having a program that I can upload my own into my phone. Is it the phone or the phone # can anyone access your phone # and purchase ringtones and not even use your phone Help sprint doesn’t have a clue as to what the heck they are doing

  38. Jimmy

    I signed up for sprint service in november of 07. Since then i have to make regular called to have my phone service turned back on. i text alot and use the web alot and sprint customer service tells me iam going over my spending limit. i have called 21 times since nov to fix this issue. i have the unlimited text and unlimited casual data usage. i tell sprint this every time yet they cant seem to apply the code to my account. i have also had the same problems with the white screen which sprint was no help with. the service and phone are horrible. i recently called to try one more time to have my account corrected and ofcourse they screwed avery thing up . since i had to get a loaner phone and send my lg off it completly messed up my account. so i have no idea what i have now but i do have a new lg rumor.

  39. danielle

    I HATE THIS PHONE. Let me start by saying that the only reason I even went to sprint is because Tmobiles offer for the 1000 min etc had expired. I already was loving my Nokia xpress 5300, bugs or not. It had better internet access and texting options. This stupid rumor cant even text more than 161 characters. Isnt that part of its purspose? Hense the keyboard? Sure it looks cool but thats about it. The mp3 player sucks. The speaker sucks. The internet sucks. Plus sprint blocks you from from downloading ringtones from any site but theis.So you have put in work and transfer tones from usb. that if you dont alreaey have one you have buy seperately. Then the defects come in. My phone kept shutting off and on and just freezing. I had to take the battery out to make it work agian. Then the speaker stopped working when I was in the of a conversation and never worked again. Then my phone kept going into usb mode. Although Ive never used my usb cord in this phone. When in usb mode I could not make or receive calls, send or receive text or use data. Rendering this piece of crap useless. And finally, I wake up and turn my alarm off on my phone only to realize half of my screen was completely distorted. So unless I already I knew the number of who was calling I could not tell who it was. I had to let the text message scroll to see what it said. And if it was too long I had to forward it and hit spaces to read the bottom of the text. It was a nightmare. Keep in mind that while all this was going on, I was trying to get my phone exchange. I mean since the first week. I was hell I tell you. I was calling everyday, getting the run around, getting hung up on. I kept going into the sprint store getting different answers. I was still within my 30 days. So inally bllew up and got a supervisor who was the most helpful person I talked to from sprint. She assured me that all she had to do was was fill out a short form ande send it to my email to print. At the time I didnt have I have access to a printer. She said that the associate should be able to access my email and print it out, if not she could send it to associates email and have them print it out. So I drive 15 miles away to go exchange my phone. So I got off of work at 7 . Drop my kids off from day care and head over there. I got there around 745. I tell th associate that customer service rep said that they could print the form out for me. Its now 2 days after 30 day period. The associate tell me he cant access my gmail account but he access his sprint account, but he wasnt willing to do so because the store was closing in 15 minutes and it would take longer for the rep to fill out the form and resend it to his email. I TOLD HIM THAT IT LITERALLY TOOK THE REP 3 minute to do it the first time. He got an attitude and then himself. I then told him that he needed to pick up the phone and call or I was going to cancel my plan.So relunctently he did. He then handed me the phone the phone and made me talk to a rep about it. The rep was so rude and annoying but at least she sent the form over asasp after the long struggle of my replacement I WILL ADMIT IT WAS KIND OF AMUSING TO WATCH THE TWO DUMB ASSOCIATES TRY TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO EVEN DO THE EXCHANGE THAT KEPT TELLING ME BEFORE WHAT PAPER work I needed and they couldnt do it without it. Long story short, I got another stupid phone for free. I guess since I already paid for this piece of crap and this crappy sprint service(at least its sero). And Im still obviously not happy. Oh well, next time Ill go with verizon. Better deals and better phones. in.nnoying t it.e the tolhim that he needed to pick up the person

  40. tessa

    I HATE THIS PHONE, ive had this phone since about febuary-ish ? and now i cant even get it to charge.
    this is abslutly redicilous !
    i dont need to be putting up with this…

  41. GINGER

    We have had 3 LG rumors for about 3 months now and have had no problems. We use about 7000 texts per month total. I hope I don’t start having the problems talked about but for now we love ours.

  42. Liz

    We bought these phones for our daughters for Christmas (so they’ve only been using them about 4-5 months) and today one of them just rebooted itself 3 times then came up saying “Service Required” and all the contacts, texts, pictures, EVERYTHING that was programmed was completely wiped out!

    I called Sprint and received the usual CRAPTASTIC service! First I talked to someone in Tech Support and got the “if you had insurance, we could replace it… blah blah blah. So then they transfer me to someone else who echoed the same nonsense about insurance blah blah blah. I could see if my daughter had dropped it in the toilet or something but NO, it’s a manufacture defect so why should it matter if we had insurance (we’d still have to pay $50 on TOP of insurance for a replacement)! WHAT A RIP-OFF!

    I’m so frustrated. And now I’m worried the OTHER LG RUMOR will do the same thing.

    I printed this article and plan on taking it in to the local Sprint Store tomorrow to see what response I get. I swear if someone tells me about insurance one more time, I’m gonna hurt someone! GRRRRR!

  43. Jerry Barnett

    Bought RUMOR end of January. Suddenly 10 days ago phone would not work saying “Service Required” all contacts lost. Sprint would do nothing unless with insurance. They told us common problem with this phone and send it back to LG. LG tell us the receptacle has been damaged!!!??? and it would cost us $35.00 for what now looks like a manufactures screww up. Very upset with Sprint selling us a phoen that has problems and LG trying to screw the little guy because of their problems. Certainly going to take issue to a VERY high level with both Sprint and LG. If we do not get satisfaction we will never deal with Sprint or LG again

  44. marcy.

    i am thinking about getting tomorrow…
    are the new ones better then the ones before they had the recall?

  45. Brandon

    I just bought this phone to replace my samsung m500 which had been crushed by a pumptruck pulling a heavy skid while at work (DON’T ASK, I dunno how it got on the floor)…

    Only now I find this article and angry people’s replies…

    Makes me worry that my rumor is going to start having issues…

    btw, my wireless carrier is Bell Mobility and they just got the Rumor up here in Canada.

    Sofar I like the phone. the signal quality is the same as my m500 the audio quality of the mp3 player is slightly less than the m500 but the speaker is much louder at full volume. Also my m500’s stereo headset works with the LG (though not sure about the push-button on the mic part of the headset), so bonus there.

    basically the only thing i find that the Rumor cant do besides playing some and other features is the ability to assign videos (3g2) as the ringer… which is quite a shame.

  46. katie

    well i just got my phone and i love it… there is nothing wrong with them, they have done alot of work but NOW there is nothing wrong.

  47. Mr. Slydewayz

    I just got the phone never had sprint or a LG its not that bad but my one problem is everytime i go to my menu and choose media player it freezes. I tried it seriously 100 times. And had to pull the battery to restart the phone. When you first get it you have to insert a micro sd card. So i installed a 2 gig and bam it freezes instantly. Im going to the sprint store to day to get this looked at. Honestly i havent had the phone long enough to really test its abilities and push it to its limit but so far its not that bad. So hang tight and ill really see how good this phone really is.

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