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One response to “NTT DoCoMo Suspends Tizen Launch Plans, Future of Platform Uncertain”

  1. ravi1234

    Samsung’s best way to launch the new os TIZEN is one n only way get the best hardwarethan any other in market and and apps they r already being developed, if these two things coupled with best possible comparative price tag then will be the success otherwise they will make a mess like why someone will go for second os with slow or less functionality hardware when they will have another option, learn from windows regardless of fluent os less apps and medicore hardware specs led them to failure while for same price consumers had another better options,
    Think samsung
    When apple launched first smartphone they came up with these and thats where they won, they didnt come up and we try this n that,
    So for launcing tizen samsung should get hardware like
    5″ 1080p or rumoured 2k display
    2.2 to 2.5 GHZ exynos octacore 64 bit processor
    4gb ram 128 gb memory
    16mp ois best camera
    Metal and plastic both varieations body
    3000+m Amp batterry,
    Apps support more than 300k
    Speed of the device will beat all the current and future devices for another year or so.
    Fluency in the all aspects of the os.
    Tben only they can better reviws and better support from The customers also carriers.
    Dont play waiting game nobody is going to wait for you
    You have to be proactive