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2 responses to “Nvidia Announces New Tegra Note 7 Tablet With LTE/HSPA+ Radio, KitKat Update”

  1. Christopher Price

    No Band 13 – therefore no Verizon. Nexus 7’s still the best choice for Verizon users out there.

  2. Christopher Price

    Also, to clarify, the US version will not support voice calling, according to NVIDIA. That is going to be on the HSPA+ version meant for places like India.

    So if you were hoping to use the Tegra 7 on T-Mobile’s infamous $30/5GB prepaid plan – sorry. You’re still stuck using phablets for that plan until some major tablet embraces voice calling.

    According to T-Mobile when we last asked, any 7-inch tablet that does support voice calling will be able to use the plan. But, obviously, most 7-inch tablets avoid this (largely at the request of carriers).