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91 responses to “On Eve of CTIA, Cracks in Page Plus Cellular Reach Critical Mass (Update)”

  1. Former customer

    my only guess would be any picture messages that you have sent or received….. if you can borrow a phone id still call them to see what they say too.

  2. Patrik

    I have never sent or received a picture message on this phone or plan. ever. didn’t even know it was included.

  3. Former customer

    Normally those show up as (Data (SMS, Mobil Web) but with page plus you never know what there doing with the accounting stuff.


  4. Patrik

    Below is the message I just got back regarding my repair tickets.. I tried the *22890, but makes it kinda hard to dial out when there is no signal to begin with..

    RE: service is required on my LG DARE PHONE/Ticket 43160 & 42727
    Tuesday, March 23, 2010 3:35 PMFrom: “Bob Sadowy” Add sender to ContactsTo: : tickets@pagepluscellular.comThank you for your e-mail. The only suggestion that I can make is try to reprogram your phone by dialing *22890 and SEND.

    Unfortunately, for several reasons, we are not able to provide any troubleshooting assistance through email.
    You will need to contact pageplus customer service by telephone for troubleshooting.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, or if we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact pageplus customer care by calling 1-800-550-2436 or by dialing #737 from your mobile device.
    Our customer service agents are available Monday through Saturday from 9 AM – 10 PM, and from 12 PM – 8 PM on Sundays (all times Eastern Standard).

    Thank you for choosing Page Plus Cellular.

    Tier 1 Support

    1615 Timberwolf Drive
    Holland, OH 43528

    Toll Free: 800-550-2436

  5. Patrik

    This is my response to Mr Sadowy:

    I have no signal. how would I dial out to do this? But, I did attempt to anyway. I am aware of what is happening with several of your accounts on the unlimited plan, but why me on the 1200/1200 plan? WHY DID YOU CUT MY SERVICE OFF ON 3-19-10? I need an satisfactory answer and I need it asap. OTHERWISE, BE ADVISED: I will be contacting BBB tomorrow and FCC as well as Ohio attorney general.

  6. Former customer

    Yep they Turn you off and then say to call them sounds like there Trying to hide from you so you cant contact them!!!!

    If you can try to borrow a phone, use a neighbors or get to a pay phone can call them I’m very curious as to what they would tell you on the phone, a good idea would be to get a hold of a phone that has speaker phone on it and set a tape recorder next to it (in record mode of course) then tell them you are recording this call (so it can be used in court but dont tell them that part) ask why your phone is off and get there answer I’m sure they are gonna tell you something like you abused there TOS and it was a corp decision and can not be reversed. Not to mention they probably wont let you talk to a supervisor nor will they give you a phone number to the corp office or legal dept so you can file a lawsuit against them.

    Thats what they told me when I called.

    I’m hoping the News Media will pick up on what going on here and get some news stories out there so the Public will be alerted to what Page Plus is doing to its customers.

  7. mike

    i have page plus since they start the unlimited talk and text and all my friends have page plus,we talk over 6000 minute a month without any problems,i love it and i recomend it to any one,i know more than 10 people have page plus,they love it

  8. Patrik

    Following is the transcript with LG, regarding my “service required” message. Now it is a pointing the finger game.

    Jose: Hello patrick hodge. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
    patrick hodge: my LG phone has a message that says “service required”
    patrick hodge: has had this same message since saturday
    patrick hodge: I have page plus as my service provider
    Jose: I am able to assist you with that.
    patrick hodge: I am paid up and they have no idea of what to do for me
    patrick hodge: I reset the phone to factory settings.
    patrick hodge: now I have lost my phone number in the phone storage
    patrick hodge: but still getting the message service required
    Jose: Dare is a model that is supported by Verizon. You will need to get a software reload in your phone.
    patrick hodge: I switched from verizon. I do not do business with verizon any more since last december
    Jose: OK.
    Jose: Well,
    Jose: You will need to have your software reload. Try to see if the new carrier has the software.
    patrick hodge: they don’t
    patrick hodge: do you?
    patrick hodge: the phone is 9 months old
    patrick hodge: from my research, this seems to be a common problem with this phone. is this true?
    Jose: We advise our customers to go to their Carrier to do this.
    patrick hodge: is my phone under warranty?
    Jose: Yes.
    patrick hodge: can you explain what may have happened to cause this malfunction and the loss of my business calls for two days now?
    Jose: It could be link with the way your new Carrier set the phone. This is a risk that you can always have whenever you change phones.
    patrick hodge: the phone has worked fine for 4 months using page plus./
    patrick hodge: what is your warranty replacement policy
    patrick hodge: ??
    Jose: I am going to explain you the LG Warranty.
    Jose: Your unit has a one year limited warranty that begins on the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover physical, body, cosmetic, or moisture damages to the phone.If your phone does not meet all warranty requirements, charges will apply. Actual cost is dependent upon any found out-of-warranty damage and can not be determined until the equipment is assessed by our technicians. You will pay for sending the phone in and we will pay for sending the phone back to you. They will call you or email you to let you know the repair cost before doing the repair. I can tell you that if the repair is more than 100 dollars they will send the phone as it is and will not do the repair.
    patrick hodge: come on, lets get to the point here. DOES the warranty cover this software malfunction that is reported all over the web by various users of this phone.
    Jose: This is not a software malfunction.
    Jose: This an error with the service configuration.
    patrick hodge: so, are you saying I would be wasting my time by sending it in for warranty work?
    patrick hodge: hello?
    Jose: I would not say your will waste your time.
    patrick hodge: what kind of experience have you had with the same incident?
    Jose: Usually, customer go to the carrier and they fix this for them.
    patrick hodge: I see. So I will forward this transcript to page plus and see what they say as a first step as they told me that I would have to contact the manufacturer.
    Jose: Please have in mind that sometimes the phones have software updates and this updates could affect your networking as your networking is not the one that the phone was created for.
    Jose: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    patrick hodge: I’ll also be posting this transcript on the blog sites that have numerous complaints about the exact same problem, of which many people had to end up buying a new phone since the “carrier” could not fix the problem
    patrick hodge: What is by the way, your warranty replacement policy?
    Jose: The warranty statement given previously is the one that rule all warranty process.
    patrick hodge: ok, will be in touch
    patrick hodge: thank you for the help
    Jose: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Jose: Please share your experience with us by filling out the Survey at the end of this chat. Your opinion is important to us. Thank you for your kindness and patience enjoy the rest of your day.
    Jose: We appreciate your time and would like to thank you providing us with this valuable feedback. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for choosing LG Electronics. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!

  9. SaltyDawg

    Page Plus uses the Verizon Network. Not sure why that LG guy said you were on a different network than the phone was created for, but your phone is actually on the network it was created for. You are just paying someone else (and they are paying Verizon).

  10. Happy PPC Customer

    LG Dare are bad phones. They have software issues. It is an internal problem you have because those are a defective model. Has NOTHING, repeat NOTHING to do with the abusing a plan. This is the wrong place for your post.

  11. Patrik

    Problem has been resolved to my satisfaction. Even though my Dare was hooked up and worked for 4 months on the page plus network, I was finally informed that page plus does not support the phone and that is why it shut down due to a “software glitch”. I asked if they could port my number over to my old razr phone and they did just that and I am back in communication with the world. Once the problem was identified they handled it in an expedient professional manner.

  12. Former customer

    RESPONSE from Page Plus on a Support ticket I put in on 3/19/10:

    Please be advised that, due to Unlimited Plan Abuse as defined in our Terms and Conditions, your account has been moved to our Standard plan.

    Page Plus Terms and Conditions (section 6):

    We recommend that you port your number to a carrier able to provide the type of usage which you require.

    Thank you

    Nick Hilt
    Page Plus Cellular

    Aint that a crock of S*&T now they bother to answer me 5 days after they do it! I still say they are a RIP OFF company!

  13. Former customer

    My response to there email was:

    Oh I see yall finally decided to reply to me 5 days later!

    Well She dis not abuse the plan as in the Terms Of Service and I have filed against Page Plus because YOU STILL OWE us money for what we paid because you DID NOT notify us before removing us and we PAID for a MONTH of UNLIMITED.

    Page Plus is FALSE ADVERTISING with the UNLIMITED Talk and Text Plan, and I will seek all LEGAL Damages that I am allowed to get by law!

    YOU Breached the Contract by not notifying us before you took action and waiting till we paid for the month before cutting us off, thus you are also are in Breech of Trust because Page Plus owes us money because we did not get our full month that we paied for on 3/6/10

  14. SaltyDawg

    Rumor has it Phone News (this very site) interviewed Page Plus today and they will post the interview later…

  15. Former customer

    I hope they asked the big questions like:

    1. Why No one was Notified that they were dropping them from the UNLIMITED Talk and Text Plan
    2. Why they didn’t do it BEFORE people paid
    3. Since they DID do it after payments were made, Why the didnt REFUND Peoples money
    4. Why do the advertise on there site for the UNLIMITED Talk and Text plan saying Talk as much as you want but then Turned people off for supposedly Talking too much. Isn’t that False Advertising
    5. Why do they give a canned response instead of explaining there reasons and trying to work something out with there customers.
    6. Why do they wait 5 days to respond to there emails
    7. When asked to talk to a supervisor or get a number to reach some at the corp office did they say “You cant do that!”
    8. Why do they Hide from requests for there Legal Dept’s info to give to an lawer

    Thats just a few of the questions that should have been asked in my opinion! Feel free to add to that list guys!

  16. Page Plus Cellular Responds to Concerns |

    […] in researching and attempting to reach media contacts for the company. Mr. Yassine dismissed our initial article as lacking any merit. Mr. Yassine did admit that Page Plus lacks a formal media […]

  17. Christopher Price

    As noted in the trackback and update above, Page Plus has responded to our article, which we’ve posted in a follow-up:

  18. Jaguar

    I was on the plane on March 18,2010 for 2 hours and 10m. When I go off the airplane to call my ride to let them know I was ready, my phone said insuffient funds. After spending 45 min at the airport, I use a pay phone to call my ride. After getting into their car I used her phone. repersentive told me for some reason my phone did’nt switch over to unlimited for some reason, she place me on hold. Came back to the phone and said my supervisor said you were place on straight plan for abuse. So I ask what abuse? She said she could’nt explain and the supervisor was busy. I said tell me how I abuse it, if I dont know what you’re calling abuse, it could happen again. She said thats all I can tell you and it can’t be reverse. I said ok thanks. Later that day I purchase another 39.99 card my phone said thanks for renewing your 30 day unlimited plan. So I used my phone for maybe 1 hour or less and it was off again. If I bought a card for $10 it would’ve given me 100 if I was on stright plan. I put 39.95 which sould’ve been 3900 min. of talk time. After reading these comments I will be filing a claim. I talk alot on my phone but they are page plus customers 97% of the time. Thank you’ll for the infomation because I just did’nt understand now I do understand it better after reading your comments.

  19. Former customer

    Jaguar be sire you also read this other phone new link too:

    In it will make your blood as it did mine! MY suggestion is SPEND NO MORE MONEY WITH PAGE PLUS, and File COMPAINTS with THE BBB, THE FCC, and Ohio AG office! If you got a lawyer start a suite against them, I am still trying to find a lawyer so I can can show then just how NICE I AM GONNA BE to there pocket books!

  20. fruguru

    Pageplus has been a “God sent” mobile phone service for me for a few years now. I use it for urgent matters and emergencies. I do not yak and text nonsenses nonstop and polute (creat congestion) the ‘airwaves’. People who wants and expects a fixed monthly fee for certain period of time in their short lives should go with those contracted services. For me, I want to stay frugal. People with intent to abuse, go do that to those voracious giants. Let Pageplus grow.

  21. SaltyDawg

    @ fruguru

    You realize the only people getting their acocunts cancelled (and their money stolen) are people who paid for an unlimited account, right?

    Are you saying people who pay for an unlimited account should not be allowed to “yak” and “text” as much as they want?

    How is it abuse to talk and text after you paid for an unlimited talk and text plan?

  22. Greg Patrick

    According to a poster at hofo. The Ohio AG is looking into this. From reading his latest update. The AG is not concerned with the words unlimited. They are concerned with not pro-rating people accounts when dropped down to the standard rate. 39.95 would come to about $1.33 a day for 30 day period.

  23. Former customer

    There is more info on this at if anyone wants to read even more that PhoneNews and its readers have to say about these issues.

  24. Christina

    Same thing happened to me today. My daughter’s phone was disconnected for using her “unlimited” voice and text. I have filed a completed with Ohio AG. Thanks for the information. It appears Page Plus is misrepresenting their plan.

  25. Greg Patrick

    Did she get a pro rated credit for the rest of the month? From what I have read on hofo, the Ohio AG claims pp is suppose to give you credit.

    Did they drop her down to the standard rate or totally disconnect her?

  26. Former customer

    Greg I doubt she did, I still have gotten anything back from Page Plus, The only thing I have received from them is a CERTIFIED Return Receipt Requested letter from them with the EXACT canned Response there Customer Service Reps give on the phone, Hell the Letter was in response to Ohio AG inquiry and not one time did it mention anything about the money they (in my opinion) Stole from me and on top of that it was not even signed by anyone just a computer printed name. I sent the letter to the Ohio AG cause they were supposed to contact them not me.

    Page Plus so far as I know has not given one penny out as a refund to any one!

    And yet We see they are still up to there (in my opinion) Illegal tricks of stealing people money for there False Advertising of and UNLIMITED plan that is truly not unlimited.

    There is more info on this at if anyone wants to read even more that PhoneNews and its readers have to say about these issues.

  27. SaltyDawg

    Even dropping down to the standard rate is a “bait and switch” tactic. They sell you an unlimited service, and then after you pay them they force you onto a more expensive plan?

    Even if they pro rate the difference, they still “baited and switched” to get you using their service.

    It’s not like you can just go out and get another phone, and another carrier, without missing a single call or text. You will be out of service for a while. Even in the best case scenario- which is not going to happen, but the best possible scenario would be Page Plus notifies you immediately that your plan changed, you already know abouyt another carrier that will activate your existing phone, and you port your number to them right that second. The porting process would take at least a few hours (or days), plus the activation process. How many calls and texts do you miss in the mean time?

  28. fruguru

    Like I said, PagePlus has been a ‘God sent’ cellphone service to me. How can we be sure that this whole thing is not an attempt to crush Pageplus by it’s “competitors”. I’ve read one comment blaming Pageplus for ‘banning’ Blackberries, prepaid handsets, Treos, etc. Why would Pageplus like to ban those? Pageplus could have made mistakes in their advertisements dicisions. But I still think Pageplus is still the ‘Least evil’.

  29. SaltyDawg

    @ fruguru

    So are you saying Page Plus competitors are making Page Plus cancel people’s “unlimited” accounts without refunding the difference? Or are you saying the people filing complaints with the FCC, BBB, and Attorney General are all lying and are really Page Plus competitors?

  30. fruguru

    Some are genuine. Some are fake. Some are content. Some are ravenous. It’s the planet Earth. I just like to stay froogle. Pageplus helps me.

  31. Greg Patrick

    BBB & AGs verifies complaints. So, it won’t be posted by mistake. In fact, if you lie to the AG about a complaint, that a criminal offense.

  32. fruguru

    In this great land of ours, we the people are innocent until proven guilty. Pageplus should (and will) take this as an (another) opportunity to shine. It will come out a winner and change it’s name to PagePlus-Phoenix. For me, I just want to stay Froogle.

  33. SaltyDawg

    You are innocent until proven guilty, yes. and in the court of public opinion, Page Plus has been tried, convicted, and is in the process of being executed.

    The comments by Page Plus Executive VP were pretty much the nail in the coffin.

    Staying froogle is one thing, but you have to get what yo pay for. I don’t care how cheap it is if the company doesn’t actually provide the service you pay for. And even worse, if they don’t refund your money after they fail to provide the service…

    All of the reports to the BBB, Attorney Genral, and FCC can’t be wrong.

  34. Dialing for Dollars: Cell Phone Savings | The Saved Quarter

    […] pre-paid company called Page Plus that has been in the news in the past weeks for removing an unlimited talk and text plan without warning because “people were abusing it” by talking too much (isn’t that the point of […]

  35. eac7487

    I read something about this on a class action website. Check it out:

  36. Page Plus Raises Unlimited Plan to $44.95, Removes Per-MMS Fee |

    […] Plus did not say that the changes were in any way related to the groundswell of complaints that led to the controversial interview with at CTIA this year. Some have speculated […]

  37. SaltyDawg
  38. Former Customer

    START WIRELESS, INC dba PAGE PLUS CELLULAR has reached an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General!

    I received a letter dated November 4, 2010 that stated this and I QUOTE this:

    “Re: In Re Start Wireless, Inc dba Page Plus Cellular
    EAGO No. 410096
    Restitution Eligibility Notice and Claim Form

    Based upon consumer complaints, such as yours, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office initiated an investigation into the business practices of tart Wireless, Inc dba Page Plus Cellular. Our office and Start Wireless have reached a settlement agreement that requires Start Wireless to make significant changes to its business practices, including clearly and conspicuously providing consumers with the terms and conditions regarding its products and services and improving its customer service. Additionally the settlement agreement included a payment of a fine to the state of Ohio and customer restitution.

    We have determined that you are eligible for a restitution payment in the amount of $200.00 based upon the complaint you filed with the Attorney General & Better Business Bureau. If you wish to receive this restitution please sign and date this letter in the space below and return it in the enclosed envelope before November 30, 2010.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Investigator Erin Hall at (419)-245-2548”

    Well its looks like we won a small fight against big business but maybe now we have sent a message out to big business that we the American People are not gonna stand for Under handed business practices any more!

  39. Greg

    Make sure it is not a scam before you sign anything.

  40. Former Customer

    Its not I personally spoke with the Ohio Attorney General’s office I looked up there number and talked with them personally

  41. April

    This is funny. This has happened to me as ealy as 2009, back when the unlimited plan was $34.95. I had a Blackberry Storm activated with PagePlus Cellular in 2009. Halfway into my PRE-PAID month of service they turned my phone off. They told me that I downloaded a bunch of songs, ring tones and pictures and had gone over my data allowance which took me over my PRE-PAID limit and I actually OWED THEM MONEY! Now of course I’m pissed. I’m a grown a$$ woman with children, I don’t download songs or ringtones and if I did I’d cop to it. Of course I download pictures but not so many that they would take me over my data limit. The rep thought I was lying! He told me maybe my kids did it. Again, I’m a grown a$$ woman who paid $200 (refurbished) for this phone, I don’t let my kids ‘play’ on or with my phone…..sorry. He finally stated Blackberry’s continuously attempt to connect to the Internet…blah blah blah because I had no idea what he was talking about. Bottom line was, whatever he was trying to get me to understand made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, but it was the reason my account was in the RED and disconnected. So he told me they were no longer allowed to activate Blackberry’s, took the overage charges off my account, but would not reactivate my phone unless I paid for another unlimited plan!
    My husband had the exact same phone and he never had to deal with that. But one day he called to pre-pay for the unlimited plan and two days later his phone was turned off. We were traveling at the time and the PagePlus rep said when we paid $34.95 it went towards ‘roaming charges’ and the rest went towards ‘minutes’ which he had used up. So we had to pay $44.95 to get the unlimited plan and to get the phone turned back on (the unlimited plan cost had changed within a matter of days). Talk about being PISSED!!
    I have since cut PagePlus off but my husband stayed with them because he needs their coverage. (VERIZON, ALTHOUGH ABNOXIOUSLY EXPENSIVE, DOES HAVE THE BEST CELLULAR COVERAGE HANDS DOWN). He has switched phones though.
    I hope there is some type of class action bought against them, they’re stealing people’s money. And will somebody, ANYBODY, PLEASE tell me how you can abuse an unlimited talk and text plan?????? Just askin’…..