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10 responses to “On the Unlocked iPhone 5 And The nanoSIM: Where Prepaid Options Stand”

  1. steven

    Why do you keep saying Straight Talk is unlimited data when it clearly isnt. They limit you to 2gb a day…and you cannot stream music or video…No Google Music, No Pandora, No Spotify. No Youtube. No CNN videos. No streaming a football game, etc.

    That is not unlimited in my book…but yet so many bloggers just regurgitate PR statements, even if theyre not true.

  2. steven

    sorry I meant 2gb a month…(ive been told its also a 100mb a day limit)

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve streamed pandora for hours a day with that limit. The vast majority of users don’t go over 2GB a month.

  4. Jesse

    I stream Google Music, Pandora, Spotify, CNN, Youtube and Netflix over StraightTalk on my iPhone every single day. Steven, I think you’ve misconfigured your settings if you’re unable to do so. Also, even with all the usage, I’ve never even come close to 2 GB. Very strange.

  5. Sam

    Is it possible for me to unlock an iPhone 5 locked to net10?

  6. MissPriss

    I just bought a Motorola Moto X on Cyber Mon. and was planning to use it on Straighttalk. Which Straighttalk said would work because it is a gsm unlocked phone. So I went ahead and bought it. When I received the phone, I discovered it has a nano sim and Straighttalk doesn’t provide nano sims. I thought only Iphones use nano sims. Now what?

    1. jame

      One thing you should realize from ST is that their customer service is pretty awful. Its all outsourced, mainly to the Phillipines/India, and the reps have no clue what they’re talking bout. You have to email the Miami tracfone headquarters directly for accurate information. Ive had them email me so many far fetched things that have been wrong. Having said that, if you go on ST website, you can see what kind of SIM cards they sell, so you should have checked what the Moto X had. Personally, I had never even heard of a Nano. I guess if you want to use ST, you’ll need to try to return the Moto X and buy a compatible device. You don’t say what else you were thinking about. Im thinking maybe you got the device on the recent sale or at least sounds like you bought it out right. You could go with Tmobile. 2.5gb would be 60 vs Straight Talk’s 45 but you could use Tmobile LTE. ATT also now has reduced prices by 15 if you bring your own phone. You have to find a carrier that has the Nano SIM. I had never heard about it so can’t comment any further. Call the carriers to see if they have Nano Sims or return the Moto x within the allotted time frame

  7. MissPriss

    I am sending my Moto X back because Straighttalk doesn’t have Nano Simcards and I am thinking of getting the Google Unlocked Nexus 5.

    1. jame

      If you want LTE, you have to get the ATT sim (and its the micro Sim i Believe). ST right now doesnt offer LTE service with Tmobile, just fyi

  8. MissPriss

    I got the LTE sim card for AT&T from Straight talk. Does anyone know anything about the Google Nexus 5 unlocked phone? I want to buy a good phone that I can keep for at least 2 years. I understand phones from Google are the 1st ones to get updates such as the new Kit Kat system.