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2 responses to “Opera Announces Mini 6 and Mobile 11 Browsers”

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    Ihave utilzed OPERA since 2006, recently, since 2008 Mini 5 & Mobile 10 on MS Mobile 6.1, wish they had flash support like the former SKYFIRE…there are simply no better browser choises left for Mobile 6.1.
    Thank You

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    Clarification, iused the older OPERA Mini java versions on my SAMSUNG M610, there after, since mid 2008 (MS Mobile 6.1), I have utilized OPERA versions Mini 3 & Mobile 9, however my primary Browser of choice was SKYFIRE, due to it’s superb Flash support. Since December, due to SKYFIRE dropping MS Mobile support, I was forced to switch to OPERA’s two browsers. On a side note, Mini allows for it to be set as the primary browser, while Mobile lacked that setting choice. The typing issues ar ecleary eviden on here! Thank You