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10 responses to “Orb Pushes Live TV Streaming to iPhone’s App Store”

  1. Leon

    Anytime WIFI is required…its already a lost cause. There are so many places you could be that wifi isnt an option which makes it usless IMP.

  2. Tom

    There is a pretty easy hack for this. I watched the news at work tonight over “edge” and it works fine. Run a search for iphone orblive hack and you’ll find it. Hey Apple, I’ve got your wifi right here.

  3. Albert

    There’s an even better and cheaper alternative to the OrbLive app. Just use the Safari to log into your account. I don’t see why anyone would want to pay the $9.99 for it.

  4. Albert

    Thanks C. Price, for that through analysis. I’ve had hopes of finding something that will stream tv to my iTouch and so far Orb seems to be the only one. But I’m waiting for Slingbox to come through with something.

    Again, thanks for your reply.

  5. Praneeth

    Guys, second hand info, but apparently today’s Orb update allows 3G and Edge!


  6. Praneeth

    I’m celebrating!

    Sling, join the party soon!

  7. Tom

    yeah I just checked itunes store for orvlive and it clearly stated what the update is for edge and 3g. How is it I feel jipped because I hacked it. I don’t feel as cool. 🙂

    By the way. I drove 1.5 hours and my daughter watched the Disney Channel all the way home.
    I’m still using Edge network because my iphone is with T mobile. I tried that a bunch of time (steaming video over edge) and allways got the buffering logo. I never would have been able to do that before. This version of OrbLive works better than the old one by a mile. And my connection didn’t get any faster.

    PSS – I’ve heard lots of people grumbling about the 9.99 price. For as much as I use it I would have paid alot more. You tell me how much money I saved by not having to get cable at our cabin (using iphone tethered as modem to my laptop to the TV). And to top it all off I can stream one of 500 movies from my computer at home. I also use Jaadu VNC to get to my desktop and use that all the time. It was 24.99 but hey, what is it worth when you use something everyday. $1,000 for a HD TV is no problem but 10 bucks is out of line? I’m not picking on you Albert. Just saying I’ve read that alot and I just get confused. Really? 10 bucks.