Our ‘Analytical’ April Fools’ Day Joke – Food for Thought

We hope you spotted our April Fools’ Day joke. If not, we appended Analyst: in front of every article title.

Just a reminder that we’re the ones spending hundreds of hours each week getting a grip on what’s really going on. Putting Analyst: in front of articles seems to make them more attractive, but really all it means is you’re reading something from someone who is typically paid a lot of money to wine and dine with lots of other people.

We think you’d much rather get our “analysis” from finding out what you want to know, and asking the industry real questions that get real answers. We’ll take a TV dinner over that artificially-inflated title any day of the week, and that’s probably why we don’t get caught up in all those analyst hot air circles.

For keeping us well grounded (and at least able to afford those TV dinners), we thank you for tuning in daily.

Christopher Price is the Founding Editor of PhoneNews.com. Today, he leads the team building Console, Inc. - a new kind of Androidâ„¢ device. He still likes to pontificate... a lot. You can visit his personal blog at ChristopherPrice.net.

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6 responses to “Our ‘Analytical’ April Fools’ Day Joke – Food for Thought”

  1. i like dan hesse

    I thought the site was sold to google! lol

  2. celz

    Some other sites keep it real.. but this one definitely keeps it the realest lol

  3. Chuck

    Kind of a lame “prank”.

  4. Tom S

    I thought it was interesting… Better than the typical fake news posts on blogs everywhere.

  5. F1

    Did notice it, did find it “odd” at the time, thank you for the humor!

    Thank You

  6. Jon

    I thought it was lame.