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2 responses to “Page Plus Cellular Cuts Unlimited Plan Price, Intros $12 Plan”

  1. Greg Patrick

    Can the plan be on an older model phones for the $12 plan? My phone can use some data. I mainly use it for voice & a little texting.

    How do you switch from the $12.00 plan back to the $10.00 plan & vise versa?

    Let say you have $2.00 left, you add a $10.00 pin, are you automatically put on $12.00 plan?

    I like the 120 day expiration. Sometimes, I may want to use the $12 plan but go back to 10, 25 or higher pin plan that expires in 120 days.

  2. Christopher Price

    If you activate a The 12 plan on a Page Plus account, that bucket takes priority. The remaining balance is used for overages or things not included (international calling, etc).

    After 30 days, the plan expires and you revert to Pay As You Go automatically. It is up to you to add or re-add the plan after 30 days.

    Many Page Plus dealers offer auto-PINs that let you automatically keep your subscription to The 12 (or any other Page Plus plan) active each month, but the convenience is that you can use a plan just once, and maintain your pay as you go balance otherwise. This is basically the same as feature packs on AT&T GoPhone pay as you go service.