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2 responses to “Page Plus Cellular Offers to Double Data to 1GB, With A Catch”

  1. Alex

    “It is possible to take smartphones to Page Plus, provided they have data disabled and are activated as such, with older smartphones recommended, otherwise the 1GB bucket won’t be enough to last the month and the new $0.10/MB overage can add up quickly.”

    Really you just need to be careful and know what your smartphone does. I know, 90% of people have no clue how to do that, but this is a great plan for the 10% that know what they’re doing.

    I use a Verizon Droid X on Page Plus that I got off of eBay for under $99, and get unlimited anything, on Verizon’s 3G network. Way better than Virgin Mobile, since that’s now throttled to hell after 2.5GB and you’re stuck with a cruddy phone that costs $300.

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