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9 responses to “Page Plus Cellular Ups $40 Plan to 100 MB of Data, Verizon Network Still Key in Competitve Advantage”

  1. bigloser99

    Wow. That was real. Anyway, I think they need to up the data on all of there plans. $29 plan should have at least 300mb of data, but 500 would be great.

  2. alex512

    I can’t believe that pageplus doesn’t have 50 million customers, well i suppose i know why, but Wow, their service is awesome.

  3. page plus customer

    I didn’t read this before you censored the comments, but I hope someone pointed out your arrogant, classist ASSumption that most PP customers are “economically disadvantaged.” What an utterly douchetastic thing to say, and it reveals much about you and your prejudices.

    There are some of us who see no reason to overpay Big Red for the same cellular service (or better)- that’s just good economic sense, no matter your income level.

    This is my first and last time reading your “blog”. What a waste of my time!

  4. bigloser99

    Page Plus needs a second $29 plan that caters to the people that need more data.

    Something like 500 voice minutes, 500 mb of data 2000 texts. Or 300 minutes, 1gb of data. 1500 texts.

  5. P Russel

    I must admit, I had wondered what Page Plus’ drawing card was, with them offering plans that weren’t the most competitive next to the likes of Tracfone’s ST’s unlimited plans. Makes more sense to me now-thanks.
    Wrt your paragraph stating “…in the face of AT&T and T-Mobile agreesively permitting SIM-locked devices onto TracFone’s MVNO networks, that Verizon may allow the same on Page Plus LTE.” excuse my ignorance, but a quick question: why would they offer that option to Page Plus when they won’t offer it to Tracfone?

  6. P Russel

    Thanks, Christopher!

  7. Octavio

    I’ve reading the comments and I personally think that Page Plus should follow Metro Pcs and believe it or not AT&T are beginning to offer lower end LTE phones. Metro CEO said that’s the future goal for the company. Data plans should be more flexible with the prices and the amount given per month. Since I am a data user 2gb is a good start with the option to buy more data for $10 for 1gb if needed. Feature phone don;t need that much data but smartphone does, so they should have more than one plan to accommodate the individual usages and economic situation. I think Verizon CEO have to be more strategic and less greedy because the pre-paid wars have just started. AT&T is reshaping is GoPhone brand with better selection and pricing, Sprint have unleashed the wimax (4g) unto Boost / Virgin Mobile and through Ting Wireless allow LTE service & finally many new mvno operators are signing wholesale deals with Sprint via Clearwire and finally comes T-Mobile who is re-farming its 2g on 1900mhz to run on its HSPA+ (4g) and run LTE on AWS 1700mgz. Common man language a jail broken iphone or unlocked gsm phone can work on its network near the end of the year (2012). So Page Plus if you’re reading this then its time for you to roll up your sleeves and negotiate with Verizon or become an bankrupt relic.