Page Plus Clears Up Open iPhone Activation Situation, Admits Miscommunication

Following up on our previous reporting regarding the capability to freely activate Verizon iPhones on Page Plus after the relaxation of Verizon’s MVNO device activation rules, Page Plus has admitted that the initial confirmation first reported by after PagePlus approved the initial report for publication was in error and has fully admitted that the initial report was based on a miscommunication that reached multiple levels of the executive team before being caught and corrected.

The Kitty Wireless forum where the initial report originated and which we subsequently confirmed initially with Page Plus has issued the following statements on the matter, which also corroborate the situation:

As for the iPhone issue itself, please understand that there was a miscommunication at the top levels of Page Plus on this matter, which resulted in certain information being approved for release, and then that approval being retracted after it was already published. The iPhone is not allowed at this time. We have been told to say this: Should an iPhone be activated on the network, it could be subject to deactivation at any point in time in the future if the “powers that be” determine to do that.

While the miscommunication is regrettable, it does not automatically mean that iPhone activation on Page Plus is prohibited, only that the possibility exists that service could be terminated at any time after initial activation, providing cold comfort for those looking to activate on Page Plus.

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8 responses to “Page Plus Clears Up Open iPhone Activation Situation, Admits Miscommunication”

  1. Mpf2007

    I don’t see where Page Plus admitted anything.

    I do see this kitty dealer blaming the company for a press release Page Olus did not ask them to send or even initiate in any manner. Page Plus from what I can tell only ever made official positions saying iPhones weren’t approved dating back to March in emails to all dealers. If your site used this dealer sole word as the source to confirm the two news articles you published you should evaluate what you consider reputable information.

  2. Christopher Price

    Mpf2007, Page Plus leadership has my phone number personally. If Page Plus felt they were being misrepresented, they would give me a call, and have said as much.

    I don’t think Page Plus was misrepresented here. I am not sure why you are attacking Kitty Wireless, and it sounds like you are shooting the messenger. Perhaps you missed all the past occasions where Page Plus uses dealers to communicate with their customers and their user base, but judging from your disdain for a specific Page Plus dealer, I doubt that.

    Page Plus has responsibility here. Nobody directly involved in this matter is saying Kitty Wireless did anything wrong. Accept it and move on with your life.

    For us, we’re going to move on to keeping Verizon Wireless honest, so that iPhone activations on Page Plus are consistent with their testimony to the public, and to the FCC, so that iPhone activations do not have to be a sketchy, unsupported, and secret affair.

  3. Mpf2007

    By your comment I take that you previous declaration in the article, Verizon Adds Catch to iPhone on MVNOs, that states you reconfirmed the facts of your claims that you in truth took no further steps to verify the validity of the policy from a third source. Hence this third piece.

    It is unfortunate that basic journalistic integrity and practice, like using multiple sources, is gone by the wayside in lieu of racing to be first to post the story no matter the soundness it is based on.
    Its humorous though that you really believed you were capable of influencing Apple/Verizon policies with their MVNOs with a simple op-ed piece you packaged as an expose. The Onion should have you guys do guest spots on their website.

  4. Christopher Price

    Mpf2007, we used multiple sources for this reporting, every step of the way in fact.

    As a general rule, does not disclose our sources, to protect their identities. We have seen people fired in this industry far too often, even when they have complied with company policies, simply for talking to us.

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  8. alex512

    i got my Verizon iphone activated at it has worked super ever since, and that was about 4 months ago. Not sure what the confusion is all about.