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3 responses to “Page Plus Now Authorized To Activate Verizon iPhone 4/4S”

  1. Casey

    Honestly CDMA 3G is a joke! I was a Page Plus customer for almost two years. When I had it I loved it, but that was before using AT&T LTE. 10G of data, four phones, and my corporate discount, with taxes, $38 per phone.

    1. hank

      that comment is a joke
      comparing apples to oranges and i doubt you’re paying 38
      a lot of people have poor coverage w/att and others
      compare 55 ppc plan to verizon and V would be 120+/month prepaid and still only 3g…

  2. Christopher Price

    If you want 4G data, obviously Page Plus isn’t for you. But then again, iPhone 4/4S isn’t for you either – since they don’t have 4G LTE.

    This is a good plan/device choice for those that want an iPhone, want Verizon’s excellent voice coverage, and want causal data over 3G (while primarily using Wi-Fi).

    Especially with flat-rate prepaid, you can now use an iPhone with Verizon for voice, and Wi-Fi for data, for as little as $10 every 90 days, or about $3.33/month.

    It’s not hard to do – use an offline GPS app (CoPilot, TomTom, etc) in place of Apple/Google Maps. Store music and videos locally or stream over Wi-Fi. Use an offline web site reader app and set it to only sync when Wi-Fi is present.

    And, finally, of course, learn how to use the Settings app to toggle on and off mobile data, so you only use it when you need it.