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10 responses to “Page Plus to Increase Data on The 55 Plan to 2GB on June 6th”

  1. parrott84

    They may not like it when you activate the iPhone on Page Plus, but it can be done because my wife is using a Verizon iPhone on Page Plus right now.

  2. Jaelyn

    Yes, you can activate a used iPhone on Page Plus. It is official. It’s on Howard Forums and a variety of other forums. If you doubt it, call Page Plus customer support and ask them.

  3. Christopher Price

    We were the first to report a long time ago that iPhones could be activated on Page Plus. Page Plus however responded by sending a memo to all resellers stating that it was unsupported.

    This created a chilling effect where many retailers were afraid to activate iPhone, fearing reprisal if they did. Hence, many still make you tick off a box acknowledging that you aren’t activating an iPhone.

    Page Plus’s refusal to comment on the matter is emblematic of the problem. Clearly, Verizon Wireless (or Apple) does not want MVNOs activating iPhone.

    Problem is, Verizon committed to the FCC, and to consumers, that their devices were unsubsidized, and hence, free to activate on other carriers (including their own MVNOs).

    I suspect the issue will become more moot as Cricket just announced iPhone on prepaid, ending the long-time resistance from Apple to formally permit prepaid sales of iPhone.

  4. Jaelyn

    “Page Plus’s refusal to comment on the matter is emblematic of the problem. Clearly, Verizon Wireless (or Apple) does not want MVNOs activating iPhone.”

    Clearly, you are wrong. That was then, this is now. Page Plus WILL comment on the matter. Did you even read my post? IT IS OFFICIAL. Page Plus OFFICIALLY supports used iPhones on their network. Don’t take my word for it, CALL AND TALK TO PAGE PLUS before you continue to report this erroneous information.

  5. Micallen

    Page Plus posted an official announcement regarding the iPhone on Page Plus yesterday (May 31, 2012) on HoFo:

    From Denny Scher:

    “There has been much confusion surrounding the activation of Apple iPhones on Page Plus Cellular. This confusion has been fueled, in part, by inconsistent responses from authorized Page Plus dealers, and from some Page Plus Customer Service Representatives.

    Dealers were notified via email on February 10th, 2011 that Apple iPhones are NOT to be activated on Page Plus. This has not changed, and there has been no corporate communication issued to dealers since then that would contradict that message. The message is very clear and straightforward: Apple iPhones are still not allowed to be activated on Page Plus. Should an iPhone be activated on Page Plus, it will be subject to suspension or deactivation. I am not going to go post this in every thread in which there is an iPhone discussion, so let this serve as the official company stance on this matter.

    Please do not expect me to respond to a million questions, or the same one asked a million times – the answer is, still no iPhones. Rest assured that we will issue an announcement to our dealers if the situation changes.”

  6. Tom S

    I think it’s hillarious that Page Plus won’t say why they won’t permit iPhone.

    I think it’s a shame the FCC hasn’t opened an inquiry.

  7. James Finkle

    You can activate the iPhone but it must not be known that you have an iPhone. If you come to the retail location and they see it’s an iPhone then they are not going to activate it. If you submit it online such as going to the BYOD Activation site at they can not tell that you have an iPhone so they have no choice but to activate it for you.

  8. Chris Jeronimo

    Yes you can, I have an iPhone 4s on PagePlus Cellular

  9. ashley

    I have an Iphone 4 I’m trying to use on my page plus account. What can I do to get it switched over? Page plus themselves won’t do it. I just asked

  10. Christopher Price


    As of this time, Page Plus Cellular has not removed their latest ban on iPhone on their network. They have refused to comment to consistently when we have asked for details. Verizon Wireless and Apple have also refused to respond to multiple requests for comment.