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12 responses to “Palm Confirms Treo Pro (Updated)”

  1. Pierre

    Oh mond Dieu! I think i’m in love

  2. Don Louie

    When does it come to Sprint?

  3. Jaz

    Do you think that this beats the HTC Touch? Thanks

  4. DJ

    Good for Palm. However, after a Treo 300, 600, and 700p and all the lockups and problems that came with these devices Blackberry is going to have to really screw up before I go back to a Palm device

  5. Jaz

    Don’t know what you mean by lockups. Palm os running devices have always been one of the most stable devices. The only thing other devices have going for them is multitasking ability. Thats the only reason i switched to windows 6.1. It if it was all dependent on stability Palm OS would blow everyone out of the water. Lets hope palm gets smart and starts allowing multitasking.

  6. Pierre

    i’ve been hooked on Treo’s for a while now. i cant stand BlackBerry

  7. Sami

    How is this better than te 800w????

  8. Jaz

    Blackberry’s are overrated. I hate that you have to get the so called blackberry package to even have them. Anyway this phone is better than the 800w because it has a flush touch screen and a regular headphone jack. Does anyone if the screen is going to be bigger than the 800w? That would make windows 6.1 work better.

  9. Dave

    That keyboard is just so tiny. It seems to be the same sized keyboard as the Centro which is just not as nice as the one on the 800w. I would like to know how a device that slim can have a higher capacity battery than the 800w though. The flush screen is not that big of a deal really, although it will make touching the scroll bars a little easier.

  10. E

    Will it support MMS? I know on Sprint any phone running windows mobile doesn’t support MMS. For the life of me I can’t understand why. Thats the same with the Iphone. Why leave out MMS?

  11. Jim

    Price: $549

    Availability: Telstra, O2 and Vodafone

    Only available in U.S. in an unlocked version (insert SIM, so no CDMA version as of yet) via Palm’s online store & some other retail outlets.

  12. MBC

    I am at an event where Palm presented the Treo Pro to us. The Palm employee stated that they will not release this phone on any carrier in the US, but a newer version of the TP will be released with carriers when that happens. The current version was designed to be an unlocked phone, period. The Palm rep also stated that with the new executive team at Palm coming over from Apple, the methods of announcing new products are exactly the same as Apple. The employees of Palm find out about product right before the public does, and they treat it like a matter of national security up to that point.

    So for now it looks like the Treo Pro is an unlocked only phone. But, as with everything in the technology industry, things always can, and do change.