Palm, Inc. Capitalizing on RIM Outages

This is the second time in two weeks that Palm Inc. has posted on their Official Blog specifically targeting the outages on Research In Motion (RIM) Network Operations Center (NOC). The initial entry provided their opinionated solution which simply stated that, “…the best solution is to eliminate third-party email servers, hassles, and costs while maintaining simplicity and control.” When a NOC crashes, users as well as IT specialists and carriers have to sit and wait until RIM fixes the problem. There is no control and that is the main point that Palm was trying to stress.

In Network Outages – Part Deux, Mark C, Senior Manager of Enterprise Solutions at Palm Inc., offers a more subtle note arguing that some organizations do benefit from NOC functionality and manageability. He also goes further by simply stating that for some, “eliminating the third-party NOC is worth considering.”

These two posts have generated plenty of commentary from those supporting the attacks to others who have said that the aggressiveness of Palm is not warranted due to their limited nature of product and aging operating system. RIM has not commented on these two posts but have had 3 outages since the beginning of the year generating a lot of bad publicity on the mainline news channels as well as tech blogs all over the Internet.

Now that the Centro is out on GSM carriers, along with the fact that they have been giving them away, Palm seems to be pulling out all the stops. Let’s see what the rest of 2008 has in-store for the Palm Treo Family.

One response to “Palm, Inc. Capitalizing on RIM Outages”

  1. Greg

    I can’t believe that Palm hasn’t come up with anything new. The Foleo was a flop and now the Centro is just a midlife crisis fix. What’s next? RIM is set to conquer the the consumer market this summer. Watch out now!