5 responses to “Palm Settlement with Treo 600/650 Owners”

  1. Daniel

    This is kind of confusing. My wife and I both have Treo 650’s which are badly damaged, and each have had our respective carriers (Verizon and Sprint) swap the phone out 1x.

    What’s the appropriate course of action here? Send the phone in for a repair/credit?

  2. Christopher Price

    Because each device has only had one repair event, neither is elegible for credit. You would need to send the device in again for service to legally qualify for the $50 credit.

    Of course, if your devices are out of warranty, the cost of repair on either device could outweigh the $50 credit you would be entitled to. It’s best to take the respective devices to Verizon and Sprint stores to see what a repair would cost, and if you should get the device repaired a second time to qualify for the settlement.

    Also, bear in mind, the $50 credit would only qualify you for another Palm device… you wouldn’t be able to use that credit on a different manufacturer.

  3. Michael Green

    I bought 2 treo 650 November 2005 and one of my phones have been repaired 6 times and the other 4 times in 2006 alone. I continued with the treo brand untill about 1 year late I was soo frustated that I upgraded to the 700 model due to the fact that they had fewer problems and I have had the same 700s since.

  4. mary

    I have had my treo 650 since 2006 and they have replaced my phone twice with refurbished phones. I can be in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden you hear nothing but buttons same with texting letters go across the screen that I know durn wekk I haven’t pressed. Can other consumers get in on the settlement?

  5. Tom M

    I have a Treo 650, replaced twice with used ones, I joined the class action and they accepted the supporting documents that I sent in . now after the settlement they say:
    “send in your Treo 650 and all other rerquired documents , plus the receipt of a new Plam smartphone purchase and if everything is OK we’ll give you a $50 rebate toward your Palm smartphone purchase ” , this is so stupid!!!
    I can sell my 650 for more than $50 in cash , and do anything I like with the money, so why bother with their games?… or I can just keep it as a second phone.
    this was another case of “class action” to just fill the attorneys pockets.