Palm Treo 800w, Red Curve, and Blue Rumor Release Dates Confirmed

Posters on venerable wireless enthusiast site HowardForums have revealed the release date for the forthcoming replacement to the 700wx Windows Mobile based Treo and new colors for the Rumor and Curve.

The Treo 800w will now launch through Telesales and DirectShip beginning on July 9th with wider retail availability on July 13th at for $599 retail, slightly lower than the Treo 700wx, but still within range of other similar devices in the Sprint lineup.  As we previously reported, the Treo 800w will feature EVDO Rev. A data access, Wi-Fi radio, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS transceiver, and hardware Wi-Fi switch.

The LG Rumor which has been the subject of much controversy due to firmware issues, will launch in a new Blue/Silver color which was formerly exclusive to Best Buy locations beginning on July 23rd through TeleSales/DirectShip and July 27th through all other retail channels.

The BlackBerry Curve will be released in a new Red color supplementing the current Titanium model in the same timeframe as the Treo 800w at the same pricepoint reflecting possible launches at $249.99 after rebates and discounts.

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