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33 responses to “Pantech Duo AT&T Branded Windows Mobile 6.1 Beta Surfaces”

  1. Brettley

    This did not work for me on Vista SP1 32bit. Just hung at install and progress bar would not start.

    “Sorry for this failure!”

  2. Aaron

    I installed this on 7-29-08 and it worked fine that night other than I couldn’t access my SIM Card contacts. The next morning the screen died. I am sure this was just a coincidence but I am putting it out there in case anyone else experiences the same thing. I received a replacement phone but am nervous to upgrade to 6.1 again.

  3. Chris Jensen

    Installed this on my phone a week and a half ago and it works just fine. The new text messaging format is wonderful no more hundreds of messages to sift through, just one entry for each string of conversations per person.

  4. Aaron

    Just wanted to add an update. After my post at the end of July I was apprehensive to update my phone again, but I checked how to reset it to factory setting just in case before upgrading again. I installed this on my phone yesterday and have had no problems with it or my phone. Had a little trouble getting activesync to work because of a default setting with the ModemLink. Once I changed that it has worked great. No issues with the SIM contacts either, they imported easily with this new download. I too love the threaded messaging which was my first reason for wanting the upgrade. So far so good with 6.1,

  5. Justin

    i can’t find the link to let me download?

    and if this doesnt work how do i get it back to factory settings?

  6. Aaron

    Up above you click on the link to the right of Encyclopedia (Pantech Duo C810). That takes you to another page where you can download the rar file. It is under the Updates section and is titled: Pantech Duo Windows Mobile 6.1 Beta- OS Version As for resetting your phone… I didn’t actually have to do this so I am just guessing this works since it came from the AT&T forums website. Go to Start> Settings> Security> and select Master Clear. You’ll be prompted fo a password, which is by default 0000 (zero, zero, zero, zero). This will alert you that the device will be wiped, click OK and there it goes! Good luck. Still going along well on my phone since the update.

  7. Chris Jensen

    If it fails for you reflash the phone from the pantech site. They have a software update from the original.

  8. Chris Jensen

    Another thing i have noticed is that slide open answers the call and slide close ends the call. Slide close to end a call was not available on the recent version for the Pantech Duo

  9. tronn

    is anyone else having trouble receiving picture messages?

  10. Aaron

    No problems receiving pics. The slide feature is going to take some getting used to. It’s OK just not used to it.

  11. steph

    Can someone tell me how to open this. I am using winrar. But then get an error “Can’t initialize installation, aborting installation” Can someone tell me the steps to take to complete this.

  12. Aaron

    I used WinAce and got an error message until I extracted the Mustang Downloader to my desktop. Once I did that I was able to load the program and follow the rest of the steps.

  13. steph

    Ok i used winrar and got it to extract to desktop, now i am having problems it just sits on modem for 10 min or longer have tried many times and still the same, any suggestions?

  14. Alam ex

    I am having the same problem. No matter what I do it fails like in slide 20 of the powerpoint. ???

  15. Tom

    Extracts perfectly with 7 Zip.

  16. Matt D

    Didn’t work on Vista with ActiveSync but it worked on Xp without ActiveSync.

  17. Matt D

    Took just over 3 minutes

  18. steven V

    I tried to run the program it was stuck on seaching for USB for like 30 minutes. till i finaly unpluged it..?? the update did not work for me…

  19. Larry

    it works all the way up til when i push start and then it says cannot open file please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jon

    does anyone know if i will lose all the pre-installed software when i update it, like the mobile word and stuff??

  21. Aaron

    That stuff stays. I am guessing it is part of the file because anything else that was in my phone’s memory, file or program, was not there after. I copied everything over to the memory card, but word and the pdf viewer, etc were still there.

  22. Jon

    does anyone know if the sim card is erased too

  23. Aaron

    The first time I tried to install this, when my phone screen went out–completely unrelated, I forgot to take the card out and THOUGHT it erased it but it did not. Once I got my replacement phone I took both that and the memory card out just to ensure it wouldn’t get erased.

  24. Kid

    it just stops @ the modem stage over and over again wtf

  25. Kid

    ok it worked on a non vista pc.

  26. gabe

    Update can only be ran in windows xp.. i have both operating system and it only worked on the xp instead of the vista. no complains at all.. phone seems to be working fine except for display messing up when sliding sideways.. may be a hardware damage and not software.. the texting is nicee

  27. Kim

    I heard that the Pantech Duo is currently dicontinued, is this true? I really would like to own one and was wondering if/why it is dicontinued. thanks!

  28. Sara

    i get stuck at the mustand download. I press Start and it says cannot open file. I dont know what to do to fix it. What file do i open? i want 6.1

  29. Sara

    *mustang download

  30. Chris

    Pantech has released the real ATT upgrade for the Duo it is avaiable at the pantech site.

  31. John

    I upgraded to 6.1 yesterday and and after the upgrade was complete the phone tried to power up but went to the Download Ready screen. Even when you take the battery out it still goes back to the Download Ready screen. Can anyone help? Any advice? Thanks

  32. Sammiieee

    HI i just got another Pantech Dou and my last one wasnt a 6.1 so now i wondering if i can change the way i receive my text messages i dont like have them all in on message. Can Any One Help ? THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂

  33. Joslyn

    Hi, I’ve been trying to download the update. But it won’t work. And I tried it from my phone, and It still doesnt work. Can someone help me (: Email me if you can!