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2 responses to “Peek Giving Customers Complimentary Peek9 After T-Mobile Shuts Down Peek/Pronto Service”

  1. Eleanor Koester

    Does this free PEEK 9 apply to those of us who recently ordered one, but have not gotten it going yet………????
    Am I being billed for each month not in use ?
    Still no service ? or can you help me get re=connected ?

  2. Julio Barrios

    PEEK did it again. As of 1/30/2012 around 2 p.m., Pacific time, the PEEK network went down. No previous warning from leadership about the unscheduled shutdown. They left thousands of “LIFE TIME” user accounts out in the cold. Customer support does not accept calls and their email support does not return emails. Furthermore, Peek shut down their discussion boards once frustrated users began to go there to look for some kind of help or to express their frustrations. It does not seem like proper business practices to simply pull the plug on a service. At the same time Peek Management boast about all the wonderfu work they are doing with their genius clouds.