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2 responses to “Pharos Announces 565 Ruggedized Smart Device with Windows Phone 6.5”

  1. Frank Sydenham

    All the Pharos phones run Microsoft’s Windows Phone Classic operating system (formerly called Windows Mobile).

    I worry that this operating system is now at end-of-life stage, due to Microsoft announcing its new Series 7 phone platform, which is more aimed at consumers and requires different software.

    I hope that Pharos releases some Android products soon, as some of its competitors in the ruggedized market have been moving towards Android.

  2. Christopher Price

    It’s interesting that Microsoft approved this device. Until now they have refused to offer Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic, though I suspect that was largely due to a lack of interest more than anything else.

    Which is yet another failure of Windows Mobile… had Microsoft coded a good music player application (please don’t try to argue WMP is good at that), PMP manufacturers won’t be flocking to Android by default.