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25 responses to “ 2-Month Giveaway XII: Virgin Mobile Wild Card by Kyocera”

  1. megan

    yo thats my phone!!!!!

  2. brittnie

    i have this fone and i hate it. ive had it for 5 months and i think its poorly put together. it couldve been alot better

  3. bob

    is this phone coming out for metro pcs??

  4. Jonathan Webb

    NO matter homies say this wildcard and company is better than boost mobile,Tracphone,net10,and the wildcard is better then half of nextell phone,AT&T and virsion.And virgin mobile plans are better and text plans are better& less dollers,which makes the wild card perfect

  5. tasseka

    i want this phone. am gonna get it. it look cool and the planz are cheaper.

  6. MR. Cunningham

    This cellular device is neat!

  7. Shatheed

    Yo dawgs dat fone is pimpin! Me and my homies got it now we can kick it real easy yo.

  8. emmmm

    omg this is the most awesomest phone in the world i am sooooooooooooo askin meh ma for dat one

  9. sandy alvarez

    hey I have a phone, but my friends family doesn’t have much money, she needs a phone!!!

  10. mehrmehr

    Yooooooo dawwwg phone’s tiiiiighttt but i gotta know,where is dat bluetooth?does it come on deh back yo?gimme sum ansawhss.

  11. mehrmarie


  12. Latonya Avery

    I love it good job

  13. Latonya avery

    Hey i do not the right now it will be a longtime before i get some money i need a phone!!!!!!!! in happy way

  14. kaila

    Im SO0
    g3ting this fone

  15. Brooke

    i want this phone its so cool im arkin my dad how mu ch is it and were can u get it

  16. tervon

    does dis fone have free txtin

  17. Jenn

    i have this phone(:

    aand its pretty coolio.!
    i pay 40 dllrs for unlimited txt and 200minutes/500 night&weeknd and unlimited internet(:

  18. dwad

    i asked for this phone for christmas…i ope i get it in the same color ad everythig

  19. mimi

    hey! i absolutely love this phone and i get it in week the only sad thing is i have to wait until after Christmas until i can use. to save us money i would love t win the giveaway. i would not even have to wait. i love texting especially on a full keyboard it would be so awesome!!!!!!to get 1

  20. naomi

    this is the phone I want

  21. hunnybunz

    im bout to have dis phone yea

  22. kenneth

    can you sell them at walmart in macon



  24. Camilla locs

    I need a phone hella bad

  25. .:: cavity ::.

    wat a cool fone..i got a kyocera n its gay but ya ima get a wild jk.. ima stick wit mii

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