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10 responses to “Plan Hacker: Get 1 GB Sprint Tablet Plan for About $8/month”

  1. none man

    does this work for any other company? can you do it with verizon’s LTE service or ATT?

  2. Phoneman

    If Sprint gets the Asus Transformer Prime or a Windows 8 tablet I may have to consider this.

  3. The Sprint Mole

    I work for Sprint and I can tell you step 3 isn’t going to happen in one of our corporate retail stores as this is one of the fraud red flags we have in place which will almost guarantee you not walking out with an Apple iPhone 4S. If your Sprint account is classified as an ASL one, be prepared to pay up from with a debit/credit card or check as cash isn’t an option.

  4. Christopher Price

    To the last poster, we see no Sprint protocol that would prevent the swap at a Sprint Retail Store.

    When doing an MEID change online, even offers to do the plan change for you. We still suggest calling customer service for the tablet swap, as may error out for some.

  5. Willis Terrazas

    I just did this last month was easy and the rep switched every thing out no questions asked! My friend also had an upgrade she didn’t want to use so she went into best buy upgraded to iphone and I paid the upgrade fee activated it went out to the parking lot swapped it back to her old phone went on ebay and SOLD! lmfao!!!

  6. Hello

    When you buy the phone, dont they force you to get voice plan? which is at least $90 a month? How are we going to skip that and just buy $19.99 plan?

  7. Ray

    Will this work with an iPad?

  8. Mustang46L

    I guess my only question is if this would work — which it sounds like it would — would there be anything stopping me from putting a tablet on a voice plan? I’m thinking that I would actually like to have a tablet on a line with unlimited data vs 1GB (or the other plans offered).

  9. Nicholas Wagner

    Anyone tried this recently? I would really love to know if it worked out. My one hesitation is that I have heard rumors that phones acquired in this way will be black listed and not allowed to be activated on the Sprint Network. Is this possible? Is that even legal for them to do?