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5 responses to “Pre Plus & Pixi Plus on Verizon Enjoy 5 GB Tethering with New 150 MB, $15 Data Plan”

  1. JJ

    Verizon is going to find a way to stop this if the masses start switching. Even if they breach peoples contract. They are going to lose too much money on this. This is too good to last forever.

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  4. Jeremy

    “Of course, webOS users should take appropriate measures to ensure they do not go over 150 MB of data, such as disabling webOS’s cloud sync abilities, or setting them to manual mode to control when, and how much data that they use”

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but how do you do this? The PPP is my first smartphone, I’ve had it for a couple weeks so I am still learning the ropes. Thanks! 🙂

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