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4 responses to “PwnageTool 2.0.1 Jailbreaks iPhone OS 2.0 – Properly (Updated)”

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  2. burton1976

    First off, you did report on the Pwnage Tool just a few days ago when you tried to include it in your ill-fated attempt to be the first at getting an iPhone 3G on prepaid – you know you were gunning for the stature, not to help the consumer. You made mention of Pwnage as if it were the keystone of your “trick”.

    Secondly, Chris…you’re hilarious…and you know that in the blogging world it’s bad manners to delete an entire post when you **** up – and that’s EXACTLY what you did. I’m sure you wanted to delete and start over once you posted your holier than thou rant above. You spent the entire post ranting about how you guys sat back and waited until Pwnage Tool worked and how your crack team of tech dorks was not part of the “fools rush in” party. Well guess what? You and your team are the fools, you did rush in and you now have lost all credibility with me – and hopefully a lot of other people that used to visit this site religiously will do the same. I will still be back to read, when Engadget Mobile or BGR point me to your second rate website for laughs, and I will definitely not come back for any real information. I will be back solely to laugh and ponder exactly what it is like when “fools rush in”. Congrats on bricking your phone!

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