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64 responses to “Qik Details Premium Access Features on EVO 4G, Free Access Until June 15th”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Too bad their app doesn’t even work on the Evo at this point. Fring works though.

  2. Don Louie

    Why hasn’t this reported then? Sawlty Dawg is reaching for reasons not to like the phone. There’s always an early adopter caveat is bugs, happens with all phones.

  3. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    Are you some kind of moron? This HAS been reported on every single Evo message board on the net. I’d you had a clue what you are talking about, you would already know this.

    By the way, this is being posted from one of the 4 Evos on my account so can consider it reported now.

  4. bottomline

    For all u naysayers out there, continue to wallow in yur sea of sorrow… Personally, im lovin my Evo !!! Its a fantastic device !

  5. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline

    What naysayers? has anyone, at any point, ever said the Evo wasn’t a fantastic device? Everyone already knew it was a great device.

    But facts are facts…

    #1: Sprint said it would not cost any extra for 4G and then hit us with a last minute $10 charge after we had been hyped up and waiting for months for the device.

    #2: Qik video chat does NOT work right now on the Evo. Fring does, works great actually, but Qik video chat (which is what this report is about) does NOT work yet.

  6. bottomline

    @ salty

    I dont think its any secret that yur not the most satisfied customer in the world when it comes to sprint service. If u notice though, my comments were not directed at u, however, if the shoe fits….. Regardless of what the “facts” r or what anyones feelings might be, the bottomline is, i myself, am very satisfied with the Evo. Thats basically all i wanted to say.

  7. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline
    Great, so you came to an article about Qik, right after I post that Qik doesn’t work on the Evo, and say something about the naysayers and a sea of sorrow…

    How exactly was your comment relevant again if all you wanted to do is say you enjoy your device?

    Just because you’re a big time Sprint fanboy doesn’t mean I am a dis satisfied customer when I say something less than “Sprint is perfect in every imaginable way.”

    Facts are facts- Qik doesn’t work on the Evo right now. And just because I point that out in the comments section in an article about Qik, and I also point out that Fring does work in the same comment, it does not make me disgruntled. It does, however, make you a Sprint fanboy if you see my original comment as somehow proving I am disgruntled.

  8. cell dude

    I am sure they will fix the bug and if not, I am also sure someone else will come along and offer video chat for free.

    As for me, I don’t mind the $10 charge, because its cheaper than AT&T and Verizon Wireless if compared step for step on whaty Sprint includes.

    But I think what should have fair is this:

    1. If they offered 4G for free on the EVO, put cap on it,say 3GB with unlimited 3G.

    2. Have the ability to switch off the 4G on the EVO. Do not know if that is possible.

  9. SaltyDawg

    @ cell dude

    #1: There is already a free video chat that works, it’s called Fring.

    #2: Why would you want to cap 4G? 3G is already unlimited on all the smartphone plans (always has been) and 4G is cheaper for Sprint to provide than 3G.

    #3: You can turn the 4G off on the Evo. By default, mine wasn’t even turned on. I turned it on and didn’t see a 4G signal so I turned it back off to save battery.

  10. bottomline

    “Sprint fanboy” ??? Y do u find it necessary to have to resort to name calling ? I havent called u a damn thing. And for your information, i have service with several wireless providers(not just Sprint) yet u never hear me bitch or complain about any of them. Have a nice day.

  11. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline

    I just call it like I see it. If that means I see you as a Sprint fanboy, so be it.

    And don’t sit here and lie to us. I posted a known fact that Qik video chat was not yet working on the Evo. You then tried to discredit my comment by saying I was just looking for reasons to not like the phone, and implied that it hadn’t been reported anywhere else. You then implied that I was just a disgruntled customer who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    All of this because I posted a known fact abotu the Qik app not working (which IS reported on every credible site out there).

    So, again, I call it like I see it. And if my posting that the Qik video chat doesn’t yet caused you to post all of that, then yes, I see you as a Sprint fanboy. There is no other explanation.

  12. cell dude

    @ SaltyDawg,

    1. I was just saying that it doesn’t if Quik doesn’t work and yes I know about Fring.

    2. Personally I don’t mind the extra $10 charge as I said before. Its still cheaper than CrapT&T which I unfortunately still have. And also cheaper than Verizon Wireless. Yes I know 4G costs cheaper to deploy but lets face it, none of the wireless carriers will not give it out either unlimited or for free. Its just the way the industry is going and if they did offer 3GB cap for 4G, I think thats decent enough GB to surf or whatever on 4G. And yes I also know 3G is already unlimited, I just listed it as a comparision as if you can turn off 4G and use Unlimited 3G.

    Even now with AT&T putting the data cap on new users, the extra $10 still a bargain. Hopefully this EVO can put a hurt on AT&T and VZW so they have to review their data plans and get competitive like Sprint.

  13. F1

    @ Bottomline

    Congrats & hope you get to enjoy your new phone!

    Just wondering, once you have chance, if you could clarify a couple of facts with us:

    1.Does the screen have an anti-smudge coating a la i Phone 3GS?
    2.Can you see the screen clearly when you are outside, in the sun?
    3.If you are in a 3G or 4G area, how is the battery power keeping up?

    I came across this interesting read, maybe you consider the “Washington Post, a “naysayer” also:

    Here are a couple of quotes:

    “Thing is, the Evo carries a $10 “Premium Data” surcharge, making its minimum monthly cost not the industry-standard $69.99 but $79.99. Sprint says that extra fee doesn’t just cover 4G service but also reflects the odds of the Evo’s features leading its users to spend more time online, then notes that its voice-and-data bundles include unlimited text and multimedia messaging. But not everybody texts like a teenager and needs such a level of service.”

    ” The best-known videoconferencing service, Skype, has somehow elected to ship Android software only for Verizon’s phones. Instead, Sprint has tapped a less widely used service, Qik, to ship a version of its video-streaming software for the Evo”

    Thank You

  14. SaltyDawg

    @ F1
    I will answer what I can here…

    #1: I took mine straight to zagg and got invisible shields put on before I even opened the boxes (as I do with every phone I buy). So I don’t know about the screen being anti smudge, because mine is covered with a screen protector.

    #2: I can see the screen outside better than my Touch Pro 2, but still not as good as inside.

    #3: I am not in a 4G area so I don’t know what that does to battery. 3G area is not great though, so it’s probably horrible with 4G. I have not made it through a day yet without having to charge, and normally you get really good battery life when the device is brand new so it is likely going to get worse. I would estimate that I get somewhere around 6-8 hours of moderate use in a 3G area (very little talking, some web browsing, and an hour or 2 of playing music that is stored on the storage card). At least that is what I did yesterday before I had to charge (battery was under 20%).

  15. SaltyDawg

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I have a bluetooth headset and my bluetooth stays on all the time so that also helps to drain my battery. If you don’t use bluetooth, you will get better battery performance.

  16. bottomline

    @ salty
    U can continue to see me as a “sprint fanboy”(whatever the hell that is) or anything else for that matter, I really dont give a damn. But I think its blatantly obvious what u r to anyone who’s read this thread. In any event, im not going to stoop down to yur level and engage in a childish game of name calling. Not once, have I accused u(or anyone else) of lieing about anything. I just didnt understand all the negativity and misery in relation to sprints’ service. By the way(for what its worth), I happen to think that verizon actually has the best service. Have a nice day.

    I will get back with u in regards to yur questions.

  17. SaltyDawg

    @ bottomline
    Again, if you came into an article about Qik, and saw my post that said Qik video chat doesn’t work on the Evo, anbd you took that as “all the negativity” then you are indeed a Sprint fanboy.

    And if you don’t even know what a fanboy is, I suggest you go look it up before you get all bent out of shape or try to argue about it.

  18. Don Louie

    Sawlty, I was the one saying the usual blog site have said nothing about quik not working. It’s funny you did all that complaining about prices, specs and services you can get elsewhere but seems like you chose the phone anyway. Video call not working isn’t Sprint’s fault and neither is the pricing.

    Christopher Price, I think you should step in when poster insult others because things can degenerate quickly with others not showing respect of opinions. Sawlty is a prime example, there isn’t post calling her/him names (behavior is a different thing) but insist those with differing opinions are idiots, morons, fanboys or whatever.

  19. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Woops, my bad, I thought bottom line had posted that ridulous post that was basically calling me a liar who was reaching for reasons to hate on the phone. I guess it was you.

    It doesn’t change much though, it just means we have 2 fanboys in here. There is you, who tried to discredit the known facts here because it was less than positive (and you are now saying “it isn’t Sprint’s fault” as if that makes it okay, or not important or something). And then we have bottom line who came in after you saying I was nothing more than a disgruntled Sprint hater so I shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    Teh truth is out there. Qik video chat doesn’t work on the Evo, the app is not even available in the marketplace right now and the app on the phone doesn’t have video chat (and doesn;t even let you sign in most of the time anyway) and this was reported on every Evo related message board long before I commented in this article.

    So yeah, if I post a well known fact, and you come in and call me a liar who is just reaching for reasons to hate on the phone, and someone else comes in and calls me nothing more than a disgruntled customer who shouldn’t be taken seriously, then don’t be surprised when I call you both out for being Sprint fanboys.

    Again, my original post is a known fact that IS being discussed all over the net. It was you guys who came in here and called ME out for posting it. If you felt the need to call me out, without doing any research on the topic whatsoever (which you obviously did not do or you would have known it was true) then there must be a good reason for that. My simple explanation is you are Sprint fanboys who take it personally whenever someone says anything that even hints Sprint is less than perfect. If you have a better explanation, I’d love to hear it.

  20. Don Louie

    Sawlty, do you have the Evo? I admit blaming qwik for the video not working because it isn’t their fault for not having the app working it’s Sprint and how dare they charge me for WiMax when I don’t have it. I swear there was never a fact put out that AT&T is or ever was cheaper than Sprint but do admit one scenario ( one smartphone user with little minutes and little to no other use by secondary lines) that somebody complaining of $40 extra dollars for 4 Evos should shut up about. Fring and Skype are there, maybe not the second but still the Evo is said to be worth it, bugs and all. The cat thank everybody for reading rants and you really need to get off the high horse, seems like you did but want complain about having to because you adopted the Everything plan. Qwik has come forth so now we wait on them to see if the extra video phone is worth $5/month because regular is free.

  21. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    #1: If you read my previous comment, you would see that is says I have 4 Evos on my account, and even posted a comment using an Evo.

    #2: AT&T was cheaper than Spriont, and they are cheaper again now with their cheaper data plans. T-Mobile is even cheaper than that. You can get unlimited everything on T-Mobile for the same price as 450 minutes on Sprint.

    #3: Nobody cares who’s fault it is. Teh fact that you feel you have to defend Sprint at every turn means you are a fanboy. This is an article about Qik. I posted that Qik doesn;t work. You then attack me personally, and now you are making sure everyone understands that it isn’t Sprint’s fault (like anyone cares).

    #4: Nobody complaining about a rate increase of $40 per month for the exact same service should ever shut up about it. Only a moron would every suggest to bend over and take a $40 rate increase without an increase in service.

    #5: I did not have to switch to an everything plan. I was already on an everything plan.

  22. SaltyDawg

    Check this out:

    The copy and paste from the engadget report:

    While record sales are generally a desireable thing, that one-time spike in demand can leave service providers scrambling to cope on launch day. Evo 4G owners are well aware of this after noticing one of the handset’s flagship features — Qik video calling — was unavailable in the Android Market on Friday. After correcting the issue, Qik then had to pull the app after users experienced intermittent service failures resulting from what Qik calls “an unprecedented 20x” workload increase on its servers. The Qik team is scrambling to provision more capacity and expects to have things under control “shortly.”

    Notice it says “Evo 4G owners are well aware of this…”
    So I guess all that is left to say is, if you came in here and acted liek I was lying about it, then do YOU have an Evo…

  23. BJ

    @F1: Which “industry standard” is the author referring to anyway?

    The att unlimited voice $70 +data (used to) $30 + text for $20?

    Or he’s considering the pay-less-and-get-less data plans from at&t the new industry standard?

    Or he’s considering a telcom’s ceo replying to a customer not industry standard?

    Look… he doesn’t even know why Sprint can’t use Skype… quoting from his article, “But a lack of useful software leaves it without much of a mission: The best-known videoconferencing service, Skype, has somehow elected to ship Android software only for Verizon’s phones. Instead, Sprint has tapped a less widely used service, Qik, to ship a version of its video-streaming software for the Evo.”

    @salty, I don’t know what to say but just wondering why (if you’re telling the truth) you moved 4 lines to Evo even though you’ve been screaming bloody murder by Sprint plan-wise and cost-wise. again, I have nothing against those who wants more while paying less… but just find it (fill in the adjective) that you hate Sprint and EVO so much and still ended up getting both, multiple it by 4.

  24. SaltyDawg

    @ BJ
    I never said I hated Spruint or the Evo. Moronic fanboys just assume that I hate Sprint and the Evo because I don’t lie and say either one is perfect.

    For example, I was able to readily admit that Qik didn’t work when fanboys were trying to paint me as a lying Sprint hater who was just disgruntled.

    Notice that when I pointed out Qik didn’t work, I also pointed out that Fring does work. That’s not good enough for the fanboys though. They have to come in and pretend it isn’t true. And then when it’s no longer in doubt and everyone knows it’s true, the fanboys decide they have to defend Sprint and blame it all on Qik (as if anyone cares).

    In short, no, I don’t hate Sprint, and I certainly don’t hate the Evo. But I do hate it when fanboys act like Sprint is absolutely perfect, and no one could possibly ever compete with Sprint. There are a number of things I wish Sprint did differently, and some carriers do some of those things differently.

  25. Don Louie

    Sawlty, stop saying multiple people are calling you a liar because mine was the only post that showed any doubt. I don’t have an Evo and don’t plan on getting it now because I was bitten by early adopter problems before. Not once did anybody say the other video calling service isn’t available and it’s isn’t defending Sprint to tell the truth that qik messed up, after all the service, app and maintenance is on them and all the news outlets picked up on that but you haven’t.

    In essence Sawlty has spent the last few months dogging anything Sprint, Evo, qik and 4G in favor of cheaper T Mobile along with faster AT&T/T Mobile and better Galaxy/HD2 and the thanking chap is directly ahead of you talking about the crappy service with a restrictive phone selection. I’ll be a moron or fanboy but there is no way the object of my ire is not going to recieve any money if no contract is involved and definitely not re-up for an extra $40 a month by buying 4 of the phones that are going to work better for cheaper.

  26. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    You implied that I was lying about it, and then bottomline implied that I was not to be trusted because I was just a disgruntled Sprint customer.

    And, again, if you felt you had to come defend Sprint because I said Qik wasn;t working, then you are a Sprint fanboy. Period.

    Nobody cares if you think it was Sprint’s fault or Qik’s fault or HTC’s fault, or the FCC’s fault, or Obama’s fault, or anyone else’s fault. The fact remains, this is an article about Qik, and I pointed out that Qik wasn’t working. I dod not say it was Sprint’s fault, and nobody but a Sprint fanboy would feel they needed to defend Sprint in that situation.

    And if you don’t even have the phone, and you still felt you had to come in here and call me a liar and then rigorously defend Sprint’s honor, then you are definitely a Sprint fanboy.

    In the end my original comment was spot on, and yours proved to be ridiculous. Qik was having problems, and you acting like I was lying about it is now known to be foolish. And rather than let it go, or even apologize and admit you were wrong, you then start in with “well it isn’t Sprint’s fault…” Hillarious.

    If you want to defend Sprint, go find a Sprint article and comment on it. This is a Qik article, and I posted a comment about Qik.

  27. F1

    @ SaltyDawg

    “Sawlty, stop saying multiple people are calling you a liar because mine was the only post….” sincerely Don Louie!!

    Here is a proposition in the interest of continued peace and happiness:

    At this point, it is best for “You Sawlty Dawg”,
    to take time, in acknowledging, his tireless and unparalleled effort in egging you on, and give him credit where credit is due, after all, he is clearly,”the only one who is calling you a liar”!

    As we all know, today is “Primary Election” day,
    it is only suitable, in the in spirit of the 2010 elections,after extensive well documented “research” over the past few years, we have come to to the conclusion to nominate,
    one “Don Louie” as,
    the ultimate,
    self proclaimed “SPRINT Fanboy” of the year 2010!!

    Without any doubt, he has, year after year, tirelessly been working for this title, outshining any other “SPRINT Fanboy”, to ultimately attain a permanent position at his dream company SPRINT.

    Maybe be this nomination, will at last, assist him, in adding another line of reference in his resume e, and hence securing him the position he so much desires!

    Thanking you in advance, for your kind consideration in this year’s SPRINT Fanboy of the year nomination of a “Mr.Don Louie” !

    Thank You

  28. F1

    @ SaltyDawg

    On a serious note, thank you very much for taking the time, in providing us with your real world experiences as an actual EVO owner’s feedback.

    Thank You

    PS: An interesting read on D.H.

  29. F1
  30. F1

    “One Shot” for all the ones with very limited time:

    Thank you

  31. Don Louie

    The thanking jet and sodium canine make a great tag team. SD has been around longer than F1 claiming better phones, prices, crappy services or whatever yet for some reason they still stay. I’ve haven’t seen a phone that would make me willingly pay more unless in the thanking jet’s situation but SD is just projecting frustration over higher prices on eveeything associated with the cause, WiMax.

  32. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    What are you talking about? Are you still in here professing your love for Sprint?

    LOL! Get over it, fanboy.

    We don’t need you in here professing your love for Sprint, and attacking anyone who dares to say Sprint is less than perfect.

    You’re like some weird stalker who is out to get all the guys that boned your obsession but didn’t marry her.

    Again, moron, I actually own the phone. It was me who actually knkew what the heck he was talking about. It was you who now looks like the fool for attacking me when what I was posting was 100% accurate.

    If you want any credibility whatsoever (not that you had any before) you will either own up to being wrong, or just shut the heck up. But you coming in here with all your fanboy rants, as baseless as they have now been proven to be, only make you look even worse.

  33. F1

    You guessed it, it is time for word-play!

    Question: Anyone care to define his statement?

    Exhibit one (Hint):
    Don Louie on June 6th, 2010, 10:35 pm

    Christopher Price, I think you should step in when poster insult others because things can degenerate quickly with others not showing respect of opinions. Sawlty is a prime example, there isn’t post calling her/him names (behavior is a different thing) but insist those with differing opinions are idiots, morons, fanboys or whatever.

    Exhibit two:
    Don Louie on June 8th, 2010, 12:05 pm

    “The thanking jet and sodium canine”

    Answer: The definition of a ….

    Main Entry: hyp·o·crite
    Pronunciation: \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritēs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
    Date: 13th century

    1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    — hypocrite adjective

    Thank You!

  34. BJ

    Wow, you three should get a room…

    Gotta give credit to DL… “The thanking jet and sodium canine”, that cracks me up!!!

  35. F1


    Yes, he can be funny, however more in an obnoxious way, hence he probably could make a better living as a spectator, rather than as a commentator for SPRINT.
    That is likely one of the reasons, that SPRINT will not hire him to begin with, he just goes of the deep end, in blindly defending his bias stance, without doing his homework!

    Thank You

  36. Don Louie

    I will be a moron but I’m not thanking reader for seeing my 3 year long rant of bad service with a cheap plan that will increase slightly to get a wanted phone. I may be an idiot but I’m not lying to myself by saying I can get 4 smartphones on AT&T for cheaper monthly at any point then or now, there’s a phone comparable to the Evo for sale now or a vendor’s product not working is the seller’s fault.

  37. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    You ARE lying if you are saying you could never get 4 smartphones for cheaper than Sprint. I have had a cheaper AT&T plan than Sprint, idiot.

    And don’t tell me nobody has a phone comparable to the Evo. In case you didn;t know, AT&T and T-Mobile have both had the Nexus One for quite a while now. And you can also get an HD2 on AT&T or T-Mobile, which has the same exact hardware as the Evo but running WinMo instead of Android and no front camera.

    Please stop talking about things you obviously know nothing about. You had no business even commenting in this thread if you don’t even own the phone. It’s one thing to make a general comment about something, but it’s quite another to act like you know everything when you have probably never even seen the phone in person, and obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  38. F1

    @ Don Louie

    “…a vendor’s product not working is the seller’s fault.”


    Let us be at least on the same page: a “Seller” is typically associated with the “Revenue”, while “Vendor” implies “Expenses”, otherwise it is the same occupation.

    That said, when you buy a product, you have the right to enjoy a fully functioning product, of course, there is always the potential for a “recall”,
    more on that to follow.


    In this case:

    1.SPRINT is a Telecom service providor

    2.HTC manufactures Hardware, i.e. Cellphone devices

    3.HTC, out sources parts/functions to different vendors, who are specialized in them.i.e. OS ANDROID/ WebOS,Memory to SAMSUNG or in this case, the mobile video sharing service to Qik,
    just as “Skype” is (which btw VZW opted).

    4.Depending on whatever arrangement SPRINT has with HTC,
    i.e HTC makes a device according to the guidelines and specifications of the retailer, which SPRINT setts forward,(cost expenses vs profitability ), or SPRINT selects a manufactured model, which in return could be customized to match the Vendor’s needs.

    5.Sometimes the combination fails (see Toyota’s Recall dilemma),
    also see Consumer Product Safety Commission: official Federal Agency website, including recalls, reports, alerts.
    This comes down to the level of complexity of the issue, is it a safety hazard or an inconvenience?

    Either-way, a retailer like Best Buy, can take the product back because it is not delivering as promised, who is responsible for the product not functioning properly?

    The typical consumer sees the party it signed a contract with, i.e SPRINT and the distribution channel thereof, i.e Telesales/Best Buy/Radio Shack…etc as the bottom line.The consumer, is certainly not going after Qik, that is now SPRINT’s problem to be addressed and to be resolved.

    You see Don Louie, it was SPRINT’s responsibility to begin with, to make sure that at the end of day, everything works as promised, why you ask?

    Because the “$” stops with SPRINT, because it is the company’s name on the contract with the consumer and with HTC and it’s sub contractors.

    I hope this helped clarify things for you, however, If not, then you are on your own, to figure it out.


    We are here, on, sharing our experiences with everybody, who is interested, as long as we are paying customer’s of SPRINT, you have no right to take offense with us, of course you can feel free to disagree, however, correct me if I am mistaken, but we are all adults here, so I am asking for a mutual reconsideration of the approach and the start of a fresh chapter.

    Thank You !

  39. Don Louie

    Sawlty, AT&T has never had any PUBLIC plan that anybody with at least 2 smartphones and any kind of messaging that is cheaper than Sprint. All the facts you had were not applicable to carrying a smartphone. Not one phone out now has 2 cams, the big screen, 8 connections and 4G so yeah, I’m saying no phone now compares but later this year that will change, isn’t the case today. If Sprint had money or some kind of hand in qik’s biz then Sprint could be blamed for it not working but since they don’t, you can’t.

    F1, grammatical and english lessons aside, GM is not going to get called out for sattelite radio not working and the same should apply to Sprint. I don’t understand how anyone complain, for 3 + years, about an increase in what’s paid when the service is supposed is bad as said.

  40. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Again, you are wrong. I have ONLY had smartphones since 2003, and I upgrade them every year. you are barking up the wrong tree if you think you are more experienced with smartphones than me. If you don’t own an Evo yet, you are not the type to know more abotu smartphones than me so don’t even go there.

    Lets put it like this, I had a Touch Pro 2 on AT&T, and when they raised their rates I bought a Sprint Touch Pro 2 (4 of them actually) and switched to Sprint. If you are not the type to do something like that, then don’t try to pretend you are on the same level as me when it comes to smartphones or smartphone plans.

    Yes, there were PUBLIC smartphone plans on AT&T that were cheaper than Sprint’s PUBLIC smartphone plans. And I had 4 smartphones on an AT&T plan that was cheaper than Sprint, so don’t try to tell me any different.

    As for your Evo hardware claims- wrong. There are plenty of smartphones that have 2 cameras on them. Just about any unlocked GSM smartphone has 2 cameras. The Evo is just the only one you canget to work on Sprint. Yes, it’s true, there has not been a Qik app to take advantage of the front camera on any of them. But if you mention that, then you will be going in circles. Why? because the only reason there is a Qik app taking advantage of the front camera of the Evo is because Sprint contracted with Qik to put it there. But that would go against your argument of it absolutely not being Sprint’s fault, in any way, when the device launched with a broken Qik app (which Sprint had advertised as one of the features of the phone and one of the reasons we are getting charged an extra $10 per month per Evo).

    Just save it man. If you came in here callign me a liar about a well documented fact, and then later admitted you don’t even own the phone so you couldn’t possibly have known what you were talking about, then you have no business arguing with anyone about this kind of stuff.
    Remember when this site was Yeah, I was using the latest and greatest smartphones back then too.

    You’re a Sprint fanboy. That is where your loyalties lie. Obviously this must be the case if you are defending Sprint’s honor whenever you possibly can, and you don’t even have the best Sprint phone.
    Me, I have no loyalties to any carrier. I just follow the best phones. That’s why I have the best phone right now. When a better phone comes out, I’ll switch to that phone. I suspect you’ll still be defending Sprint’s honor, stuck on some crappy phone, and pretending you know more about the new phones than the people that actually own them.

  41. F1

    “grammatical and english lessons aside”!?

    “Not one phone out now has 2 cams, the big screen, 8 connections and 4G so yeah, I’m saying no phone now compares but later this year that will change, isn’t the case today.”

    Once again failed to do his homework, comes to class unprepared, as usual! Lol,never mind, a truly hopeless case study!

    The facts are as follows:

    What 4G?? Where on the “NOW” Network?
    There is no 4G in Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York for “NOW” !!

    In just 2 weeks, the iPhone 4 will join the HTC EVO!
    With a fully functional “2Cam”!

    “the big screen”!!
    4.3 is an identical match to it’s older sibling, the HTC HD2 @ T-Mobile!

    Point of reference:

    Thank you!

  42. Don Louie

    2 weeks is not now, I wasn’t seperating the features no other phone has. The cams, 4G, 8 connections and big screen can only be had in one place and in two weeks that will still be the case.

    Sawlty, at AT&T you had unlimited data for $30 on smartphones the last 6 years and you gaming the system by keeping a dumbphone data plan is not the same as using public plans. I am interested in the Evo and will be purchasing but am sick of the whinning about prices, no 4G or some app that isn’t made or sold by Sprint not working. If you can show any type of proof of a 4 smartphone fam plan being cheaper on AT&T do so and quit telling me I should find somewhere else to post.

  43. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    You are wrong. You were not required to have a $30 smartphone plan on AT&T until September of last year. It was not “gaming the system” to have a lesser data plan before that.
    You see, unlike Sprint, AT&T did not require you to switch plans just because you switched phones. Yes, they do now, but they did not do that prior to September of last year (except for the iPhone plan, they always required an iphone plan with an iPhone).

  44. Don Louie

    Check your facts, ATT has has required data for smartphones just about as long as Vzw, T Mobile was the last carrier to go that route. If anybody was using an upgrade they would have to get a data plan unless insider help was had. Is what brought you back to Sprint the fact that AT&T started forcing the plan by reading SIMs making the $15 dumbphone data pack ineligible so $60 became $120. Detail the plan you had that was cheaper than Sprint and I bet smartphone data plans were nowhere to be found.

  45. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    You are wrong. Again, stick to talking about things you know. You seem to be doing a lot of assuming and guessing in this thread, and passing it off as fact. Here’s a fact, up until October of last year, I had an AT&T plan with 4 smartphones and was paying less than I had been paying Sprint before that. Period. No guessing or assuming on my part, I actually HAD it.
    And why did I leave? Because in September AT&T started requiring a smartphone data plan on all smartphones. Again, no guessing on my part, I was with AT&T at the time and saw it first hand. And the excuse given by AT&T at the time they made this change was “all the other carriers have already been doing this for a while.” You are dead wrong that AT&T was the first to do this, and dead wrong that they were doing it before September of last year.
    It’s true that if you used an upgrade you had to get a $30 data plan, but it’s also true that you were nly required to keep that plan for a month before you could downgrade it to a cheaper data plan (or drop the data plan altogether). It’s also true that paying full retial for your device (or buying it from a 3rd party) allowed you to use whatever data plan you wanted, or even no data plan at all, from day 1. And this changed in September of last year.
    You just have no freaking idea what you’re talking about. And yet you continue to assume and make wild guesses, passing them off as fact.

    Again, the FACT is I left Sprint for AT&T and my bill went down. After some time AT&T raised their rates and I came back to Sprint. I know first hand what each company was charging, because I was actually paying each of them. You, on the other hand, are just out to defend Sprint;s honor, no matter how ridiculous your claims are.

  46. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie

    One more thing, since you seem to be pretending you actually know something here- AT&T had a $10 data plan, a $15 data plan, and a $30 data plan. You seemed to throw that $15 figure out there like you knew something, so I just had to put you in your place (again).

  47. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    One last thing…
    Just so you know, when AT&T made that change, I (and all the rest of the current customers) was actually grandfathered in and free to keep my cheap data plans on AT&T. However, if I ever upgraded my phone the new rules would apply.

    So I left AT&T when I did because of the principle of the whole thing. I was using a Touch Pro 2 on AT&T, and bought a Touch Pro 2 on Sprint. I could have easily stayed there and still been paying the cheap rates right now on a grandfathered plan, witha Touch Pro 2. But I chose to voice my displeasure with my wallet.

    So stop acting like you know, because clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  48. Don Louie

    I know about the data plans each carrier has and if you want to debate, list the plan you had. I never said AT&T was 1st, just that they followed soon after but the SIM workaround was available negating the need to change. Limited messaging, gamed data and the smallest fam plan around for 4 lines could net a cheaper plan but not by much.

  49. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Again, you;re wrong. Just stop already. You have no idea what you’re talking baout. From your very first post in this thread you have demonstrated that you don;t know what you’re talking about. Yet you continue to try to argue as if you’re some expert who has researched every aspect of the industry.

    Here are the facts so far…
    Fact #1: I own the Evo, you don’t.
    Fact #2: I have had the latest smartphones AT&T offered on an AT&T plan, and I have had the latest smartphones Sprint offers on a Sprint plan. You have not.
    Fact #3: This thread is supposed to be about Qik. I posted a fact about Qik which you disputed and tried to discredit me. After I was proven to be correct and you made to look like a fool, you then admitted you didn’t even own the phone.

    Given those facts, I think you should just shut the heck up and stop pretendign to be an expert. The facts all indicate that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    By the way, Qik works now. But I’m sure you already knew that because you’re such an expert. Yeah right, lol.

  50. F1

    @ Don Louie

    2 weeks is half a billing cycle!

    What 4G ?
    Only a couple of dozen cities have 4G as of now!

    Like a broken record….repeat the same things,over & over again!

    I tell you what, you want to have some fun?

    The fact is, SPRINT has the worlds first 4G phone, it is called the HTC EVO, it has the largest screen ever manufactured, a technological marvel unlike any other!

    Feeling better?

    However, “Now” ( aka the SPRINT Network), needs to make it’s 4G, and also all it’s features work, without first charging a premium, when it yet has to deliver on either!


    Thank You