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64 responses to “Qik Details Premium Access Features on EVO 4G, Free Access Until June 15th”

  1. Don Louie

    SD, glad to know my phone/carrier history, not even the slightest. I already admit I didn’t read about qik problems til afterwards but insisted then and still do that it was never Sprint’s fault.

    Qik is responsible for any video chat problems then, now and going forward.

  2. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Do you still think anybody cares if it was Sprint’s fault or not? Listen fanboy, if I tell you there is an oil spill in the gulf, do you think you will have to tell everyone it isn’t Sprint’s fault?

    Get over your obsession, fanboy.

    And for the record, since you keep saying it isn’t Sprint’s fault, I am going to call BS on you again and say that YES, it IS Sprint’s fault. If Sprint includes something with the phone, then it is absolutely their fault if it doesn’t work.

    This Qik was advertised by Sprint as not only being a feature of the phone, but at least part of the reason the phone requires an extra $10 per month plan. So if Sprint’s phone doesn’t work correctly out of the box, then yes, it is absolutely Sprint’s fault.

    If you don’t think Sprint has a responsibility to ensure a working product then you’re crazy. I got the phone from Sprint, not Qik. The software on the phone was put there by Sprint, not Qik.

    Now an argument can certainly be made that Sprint got it from Qik. But it was Sprint who released the phone with software that didn’t work, not Qik.

  3. truthbetold

    U guys r hillarious ! Who gives a damn about any of this ! I’ll tell u who, nobody…. That is, nobody but u jokers. Last time I checked, this is a forum about Qik’s software not working on Sprint’s new phone(Evo), right ? Which, by the way, it works now… What is up with all this bickering back & forth ? U guys sound like a married couple that needs counseling, lol……..

  4. SaltyDawg

    @ truthbetold
    Yes, I have pointed out miltiple times that this is supposed to be about Qik. I also posted that Qik is working now. This clown just wants to argue though because I guess he felt he had to redeem himself after callign me out like he did and getting owned.

  5. F1


    Salty, you are right, he seems obsessed and even somewhat incoherent, it does not appear that he is even capable of considering any other position, no matter how much and for however long you try, just ignore him, you have made your point, loud and clear!

    Thank You

  6. Don Louie

    truthbetold, look at pretty much all the new Sprint phone or anything to do with Sprint articles over the last few years and the same argument about prices is prevalent and just recently a lot of whinning about a 3rd party app costing and not working came about.

  7. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    “a lot of whinning about a 3rd party app costing and not working”

    Are you serious?!?!?

    Again, moron, this is an article about Qik. I pointed out that Qik did not work. At the same time I pointed that out, I mentioned that there is an alternative. I then later pointed out that Qik was now working.

    Get over your obsession, fanboy.

  8. Don Louie

    SD, be an adult or at least act like you’re out of high school. I don’t own an Evo, now, because I anticipated bugs initially especially with the apps because of the phone, a experienced smartphone owner would too. I may be a moron but I know what I want and what it takes to get it so, trashing a phone and then buying 4 of them seems a little stupid to me.

    Comparing Sprint not having a 3rd PARTY app working at launch, qik fixed in short time at that, to BP not knowing how to fix THEIR OWN well is past far fetched and shoots all the way to asinine.

  9. truthbetold

    In the grand scope of things, does any of this really matter ?? Seriously ? Do u guys know how rediculous u sound ? Take it from me, someone who came into this forum late in the game(who doesnt really care either way), u guys r wasting your time. Its like talking to a crazy person(or the wall for that matter), neither one of u is going to connect with the other on anything. So, just let it be and move on. “This will be my last official post on this forum, good luck” !

  10. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    Please show me where I trashed the Evo.

    Again, stop being a fanboy. We are in the comments section of an article about Qik. Pointing out that Qik doesn;t work is NOT trashing the phone. ‘

    And yes, if Sprint releases a phone that does not work as advertised, then it is Sprint’s fault for releasing it that way regardless of who Sprint hired to make the software.

    Sprint absolutely has a responsibility to ensure their product works as advertised out of the box.

  11. Don Louie

    Check the other Evo articles. thruthbetold, I just would like for SD to address people without insults, fanboi isn’t an insult to me but moron and idiot are, to make a point and telling me to not post or comment doesn’t make any more mature. tbt, being new here you haven’t seen the last 3 years worth of rants from the 2, who seem most annoyed when people tell them suck it up or move on, accusing me of not knowing what I talk about. If the forums were around I wouldn’t even dispute SD here.

  12. SaltyDawg

    @ Don Louie
    I didn;t call you a moron until you basically called me a liar who was only looking for reasons to trash Sprint, because I posted a widely known fact that was entirely relevant to the article.

    Yes, please check back. And show me where I trashed the Evo. Otherwise, I’ll say again, do your research moron.

    For the record, I was on board with the Evo form the moment it was announced. That’s why I preordered 4 of them. And only a true moron would say I wasn;t on board with the Evo knowing full well I had preordered 4 of them.

    So, moron, if you don’t like being called a moron, then stop calling me a liar. You keep calling me a liar, and I will keep proving that you’re a moron.

  13. F1
  14. Don Louie

    SD, I think all the insults you repeat show your maturity. I know for a fact that tough guy act is wouldn’t fly in person, waiting on the next news blurb like the one F1 eagerly linked that as of now is rumored for biz. I think they throttle anyway.