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2 responses to “Qualcomm Looking to Sell MediaFLO Division”

  1. Tony Orwin

    Frankly, I am not surprised to see this latest development. T-DMB is a much stronger and logical delivery mechanism for Mobile television for so many technical and operational – as is evidenced in the numerous markets where it is expanding on a global front.

    As a member of the European Eureka 147 family it sits happily on existing and relatively cheap transmission and Multiplexing infrastructure that can simultaneously deliver a very heavy loading of Audio, Video and Data services to a wide choice of readily available receivers.

    I am more surprised that it has taken so long for the situation to reach this point.

  2. Christopher Price

    In the US, though, ATSC-M/H is winning the day, though it’s similar to T-DMB in terms of target audience.

    Market winds really won here, the declining economy has consumers reluctant to pay yet another MSO for monthly content. People would much rather get mobile content via ATSC-M/H and prosumers are using Slingbox/Orb/etc anyways.