Qwest Signs Five Year Reseller Agreement with Verizon Wireless (Updated)

Update: More specific information on the agreement has surfaced thanks to a transcript of the earnings call held this morning. As part of the agreement, Qwest will no longer use its brand to sell wireless service and will use Verizon Wireless branding throughout its retail footprint.  The service provider also expressed interest in implementing Verizon’s future LTE network once it becomes operational, furthering its intentions to merge its existing IP backbone network with Verizon’s network.

In a press release solicited today, regional landline, internet, and wireless communications provider Qwest has announced an agreement to offer Verizon Wireless products and services, as well as work with the provider on bidding for government and large-scale business contracts involving development of converged solutions such as a unified voicemail box and integration of Qwest’s IP infrastructure into Verizon’s wireless data network for business and government customers.

The current billing system used by Qwest will be replaced by Verizon’s platform and is expected to be integrated at an undisclosed timeframe, but once it is complete customers will be able to bundle Qwest and Verizon Wireless services on one invoice while customers will soon be able to purchase Verizon Wireless products of interest at Qwest retail stores and kiosks.

One thing that remains to be seen is whether Qwest will continue to use its current brand for wireless service or use the Verizon Wireless brand, as Qwest formerly resold Sprint service and products under its own brand.

Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

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5 responses to “Qwest Signs Five Year Reseller Agreement with Verizon Wireless (Updated)”

  1. Daniel

    Looks like Qwest customers will be able to choose from any Verizon Wireless handset and have full use of their application suite just like a Verizon Wireless customer.

    Although Sprint’s contract ends with Sprint in Feb 2009, current customers and new customers can sign up with Verizon Wireless through Qwest customer care.

    In the end, it looks like VZW will be gaining upwards of 800K new customers thanks to this new deal.

  2. will plumlee

    We arfe current quest customers and want to sign up for your bundled package using verizon as our cell phone carrierl How do we do this. Thanks Wilbur Plumlee

  3. Christopher Price

    Will, this is PhoneNews.com. We’re neither Verizon nor Qwest. Considering the deal was just finalized, I would check back regularly with Qwest customer service for details on the transition.

  4. jenspurplerose

    I am a curent Qwest wireless customer. I am up for a new phone and have been very disipointed in what is offered. I look forword to a better sulection of wireless phones.

  5. Brent Johnson

    what a terrible development. Verizon service is terrible or nonexistant where I live. Switched from them years ago. Looks like I’ll sign up for Sprint directly when my qwest contract is up. Never a dropped call with them.