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4 responses to “Radio Shack Offering $100 Savings On Unreleased EVO 3D with Trade-in”

  1. JJ

    Not worth it. You can sell your evo on ebay or craigslist for over $200 and if its rooted with extras up to $300. But hey if shack has people that are dumb enough to take $100 for their evo then let them at it.

  2. Dan

    Shop for HTC EVO 3D cases and covers (cell phone accessories) at:

  3. F1


    Not everyone is comfortable with “EBAY”, besides people have always paid a premium for convenience.

    Take a look at the automotive dealerships, everyone who trades in their vehicle, could have received more credit, if they would simply sell it privately, are they all classified as “dumb”?

    For many, time is money.

    Thank You

  4. Rachel

    Well, if they will take one in working condition with a shattered (but usable) screen, I would say it’s a good deal. I debated replacing it with insurance for $100 and selling it on ebay for $200 and buying the 3d, but this is obviously way more convenient. Question is…will they take it? I’m guessing not, but I can’t find any details on the radio shack site…