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7 responses to “Radio Shack to Begin Selling Verizon Wireless… Again (And, Sprint Expands at Best Buy)”

  1. Jeff

    I’m hearing only about 40 stores in the nation are going to get the phones to start with

  2. Thom

    As a former shack dm. I would assume the verizon roll out would only include the current alltel stores.

  3. LOTD for March 2 « Link Collection

    […] Radio Shack might be able to sell Verizon Wireless phones/service again, after the two companies ended their agreement back in 2005. Verizon lost their Circuit City distribution channel, which might have helped Radio Shack get Verizon back:…-again-and-sprint-expan… […]

  4. Lo Rent

    This is going to give a great diversity to Radio Shack store’s

  5. Former Sr. Shack Manager

    Dropping VZW was the down fall for the Shack. During the Verizon/Shack era RadioShack dominated similar places of employment. When VZW left so did our paychecks and stock purchase program. Radioshacks stock fell 60% in the months to follow. Verizon has gone on to be the dominant wireless company in the US. Verizon has a higher ARPU than any other carrier out there. When there is almost a $5 gap between ATT and VZW you know you are raking in the Billions. You do the math….
    90 million customers x $55 a month = huge success. Most all of the Shack’s manager went from making $60,000 a year down to $38,000 a year after VZW’s exit. RE-MARRYING VZW IS A NO-BRAINER. Lets just hope the Shack’s British Captain just doesnt start taking advice from Obama.

  6. GMFreak8

    The only stores to get Verizon Wireless to start are Radioshack stores that were affected by the purchase of Unicel and Rural Cellular Corporation by Verizon Wireless, and the asset swap that occurred between Verizon Wireless and ATT. This only affects as stated before around 40 Radioshack stores in the Northeast. Particularly those in Maine and a select few in Northern New York, including Plattsburgh and Saranac Lake Radioshack Stores. I work in one of the stores affected by this and they have received all the Verizon Wireless Promotional Material, the dummy phones, and are only awaiting final shipment of the actual phones before they can start selling Verizon Wireless. It seems Verizon Wireless will be available in any Radioshack that sold Unicel Previous to the Merger between Unicel and Verizon Wireless and currently does not sell ATT phones.

  7. rsmanager

    Verizon phones will also be available at the radioshacks in oregon that used to sell unicel.