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4 responses to “Report: Apple to Launch Entry Level 8GB iPhone 4 ‘Within Weeks’”

  1. Apple to Launch Entry Level 8GB iPhone 4 ‘Within Weeks’ «

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  3. L Todd

    Really nice thought-especially for those of us who prefer prepaid’s lower rates. But I wonder if Tracfone will be able to offer the iphone-not sure that AT&T and Verizon would allow them to offer a phone of that caliber running off their networks, and with a considerably lower priced unlimited plan. Will be great though if it does become an option.

  4. Jclaypool

    Man!! It would be jst way too good if the cheaper iPhone goes to Tracfone! A high end device made affordable, not only from buying the handset, but running it monthly (with unlimited everything including data) is just too good to be real! In any case – which carrier would stick up for that kind of a deal with an MVNO? Sprint’s just done it with a new Samsung android, so I doubt they’ll be up for more smart phone ‘abuse’. AT&T are apparently flat without enough spectrum for their own subscribers, which leaves Verizon…who are just launching their own flat rate prepaid options.