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3 responses to “Report: Sprint to Launch iPhone 5 in Mid-October”

  1. parrott84

    “Should Sprint launch the iPhone 4 and 5 in mid-October, it would be the only American carrier to offer both devices with unlimited data access,”

    Come on now, you don’t think Sprint will change their plans? Sprint has changed their plans when the Samsung Instinct was released, then with Android, then when their 4G network was released, and I assume when the iPhone will be released. Worst of all, they never grandfather you in.

  2. Christopher Price

    Keep in mind, Sprint just ran a multi-million dollar ad campaign touting their unlimited capabilities versus the other members of the Big 4. Sprint is not stupid, they would not want to appear hypocritical at the same time they launch an iPhone.

    Dan Hesse has said that there will probably be an end to no-throttles-or-caps, but that it is down the road. I suspect that means not within the next several months, and certainly not during iPhone’s runup.

    Sprint will probably tout that their iPhone is better, even if it’s 3G-only, than the LTE-based models, since those LTE models will be capped and/or throttled, so you don’t even get to enjoy 4G for any significant period.

  3. Tom

    Perhaps this is where sprints 5x more spectrum then any other carrier will come into play?