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3 responses to “Report: CDMA Nexus One for $199.99 with Sense UI?”

  1. anonymous

    Why didnt you buy it instead of taking a screenshot!!!

  2. yo moma

    This is a fake screen shot.

  3. Paul Sutherland

    I have been watching the N1 page daily for info on a Sprint N1. I have no interest in purchasing a Verizon version, I’m a Sprint guy through and through.. But, I can assure you, the screen shot above was REAL. I saw it. It wasn’t up long. The reason I remember it so distinctly is that I scrutinized the price trying to get some insight into what the Sprint price might be. I was surprised that is was $199 compared to T-Mobil’s $179., that’s why I remember the price. I have no connection with this sight, the original posters, T-Mobile, Verizon, Google, or anyone else involved in this saga. Just attempting to let all know that it did indeed, although only for a short time, exist.