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5 responses to “Republic Wireless To Launch Moto G On Thursday, Now Allowing Device Reactivations”

  1. Dave

    Wrong. The 16GB version of the Moto G will be $179 not $189 as you’re reporting. I’m a long time customer of RW and their phones and service are awesome and get better every day! They really do things differently than most companies and focus on the customer.

  2. It's $179 for the 16 GB version

    It’s $179 for the 16 GB version

  3. Jonn doe

    Where is republic wireless and what r the plans like ::)

    1. Nate

      It’s based in Raleigh, NC. The plans are great. The base option is wifi only unlimited everything for $5 a month, then $10 a month for unlimited texting and calling outside of wifi, then $25 a month for unlimited everything with 3G, then for the Moto X can use 4G unlimited everything for $40 a month. Personally, I have Unlimited everything (3G only) on my Moto X for $25 a month. If you decide to go with RW, you can save $20 with this referral link.

  4. Mortgage Free Mike

    I made the switch from Verizon to Republic in January. So far, so good. I wrote a review on my blog. One word of caution: If you have an iPhone, TURN OFF IMESSAGE before selling your phone. This caused some headaches when I switched to the Moto X, an Android. Some iPhone friends of mine had trouble texting with me for a bit. It’s a known issue, but Apple doesn’t seem in any hurry to fix it.