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6 responses to “Review: ASUS VivoTab RT TF600”

  1. No One

    Really? Do Android or iOS allow side loading? Or have a free for all?

    Dual Boot? Why?
    If your use case requires dual booting RT and Android then your requriements are insane.

  2. Christopher Price

    Android allows for sideloading, Google went to great lengths to ensure all Android devices support it. Something many carriers rebuffed initially…

    No idea what “free for all” is referring to – sorry.

    Not sure why it’s insane to want to dual boot Windows RT and Android. Android has open, 100x the apps, and sideloading.

    Windows RT is jailed, but far more secure, lives in native code instead of Dalvik/Java, and can multitask multiple real-time apps simultaneously. Plus it has a proper desktop UI, though jailed by Microsoft to just Office and IE.

    A lot of people would like to dual boot Windows RT and Android. What is not clear, is how much Microsoft is standing in the way of that… I suspect, quite a lot.

  3. Philip

    “We picked up our VivoTab RT setup, with dock, for $349.”

    How did you snag a VivoTab RT for $349? Newegg lists it for almost double that, at $599 + S/H.

  4. Alesha

    Can it support Skype? Thanks

    1. circuitbrkr

      Yes it does. That’s one app that’s in the “Windows Store”.