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16 responses to “Review: HTC Aria (AT&T)”

  1. JJ

    Great article. This phone would be a great contender in the smartphone market if it wasn’t for att screwing things up. I’m glad I got rid of att a long time ago.

  2. Fred

    I know that ATT is not the greatest provider in the world, but I have been with them for over 15 years and honestly have not had as many issues as everyone else seems to have. I don’t agree with the fact that they deny users from sideloading apps but in todays day and age it is what is. I still enjoy the phone, and was a loyal Blackberry User for the last 6 years and I am glad that I have moved over to the HTC Aria.

  3. cj

    the phone itself is exactly what im looking for. too bad its only on att

  4. matt

    i own the phone, and there are ways to side load apps through htc sync. also the phone itself works great and i absolutely love it. compared to the other android phones on at&T i would gladly pick the aria. i think whoever wrote this has a huge grudge with at&T and should probably chill out and let everyone know the real specs of the actual phone. penalize at&t…sure…but as for htc…this phone is a great smartphone for anyone.

  5. Christopher Price

    Matt, while there are ways to sideload on the Aria via hacks and older versions of HTC Sync, we simply cannot factor those into our review.

    HTC can easily patch those loopholes via firmware updates, as other Android phone makers like Motorola have done in the past.

    At, our only bias is to the consumer. You can call that a grudge if you like, but we stand up for the consumer when others won’t. Quite simply, telling people to not buy these tainted Android phones, is the only way to force AT&T to realize that customers do indeed care about this… enough to go elsewhere with their purchases.

    Our policy is to give a Do Not Buy rating to each and every tainted Android phone, and we will continue to do so until AT&T changes their policy.

  6. Viktor

    I fully agree with Christopher. I am an at&t customer. Recently purchased Samsung Captivate. Which is just an att name for Samsung Galaxy S, of course. As soon as I got it, even before I transfered contacts or did ANYTHING – I totally wiped the phone and reflashed it with a regular Galaxy S operating system. Which erased all att unnecessary apps and “bloatware”. Also that allowed me to sideload apps. But in actuality, I shouldnt have to do all that in order to enjoy my phone. I shouldnt have to FIX IT right after I buy it. When I flashed it, the phone became even faster.

  7. Viktor

    btw if anyone is interested – website with instructions is Search for your android phone there. It is easy to flash.

  8. benjamin

    My new unlocked phones is the best. Without it I would be lost. My HTC Aria is amazing. Being an unlocked at&t phones I can take it overseas and my kids absolutely love the touchscreen, apps, and games. I’m definitely surprising my wife with one for her birthday. I got my htc unlock codes from, they are amazing and fast to get cell phone unlock codes. If you ever need any at&t unlock codes be sure to check them out. Even so the HTC Aria is sick and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who asks!

  9. John

    My Aria is a fabulous phone. Here in New Zealand I’m not constrained by what AT&T will or will not allow, all their software is irrelevant down here. Compared to my 3 month old HTC Touch2, the Aria is a revelation – small, light and very fast (for a 600ghz processor). Works perfectly on Telecoms XT network. If anyone in NZ wants to buy one, get it through, not cheap, but a genuinely brilliant phone. Camera (no flash) very good, whats with the comment re no dedicated camera shutter – use the track ball – works perfectly for me. Screen resolution is all you would need – unless you’re a geek. Who needs a bulky iPhone when you can have this instead. Damned fine piece of technology.

  10. Ken

    I think its completely ridiculous to give this a “Do Not Buy” rating ONLY because of the blocked sideloading. Hopefully at&t will change that policy soon, but ALL things considered, this is a great phone. I agree that at&t shouldn’t have blocked sideloading, and its a shame that its not on the phone, but get past that and don’t tell at&t customers to boycott all at&t phone options and to go out and spend $530 on a phone (which is currently sold out) just to get around a stupid at&t restriction. I bought this phone a month ago from my local at&t store for $1 after mail-in rebate, and I am very impressed with it. I like it better than the nexus one because of its compact size, and that its surprisingly fast for a battery-life saving 600mhz android phone. I’ve been nothing but satisfied with my purchase, DESPITE not having the ability to sideload. I honestly lost a lot of respect for you guys over this absurd review and am very disappointed that you would make such radical and illogical statement, which is not in the interest of at&t customers or your readers.

  11. Ken

    Chris, after I posted my comment, I reread it and realized that I didn’t specify my point as well as I intended to. I apologize for that.

    What I was trying to state was that this was supposed to be a review of the Aria, not of at&t. You didn’t talk about the phone itself at all. You mentioned the obvious compact size of the phone, then got caught up in the sideload issue and never got back to reviewing the phone. You never described its specs, its performance, its price, its sensitivity, its responsiveness, its functionality, its features, its capabilities, or anything else related to the phone itself. It was simply a very poorly written review because you did not review what you were asked to review, and the reader did not obtain an accurate perception of the featured product. What the readers got from this review was actually a review of at&t. You could copy and paste this review for all at&t android phones that you review, and all you would need to change are the three sentences that describe the screen size. Three sentences is far from an accurate or professional product review, regardless of whether you would recommend this product or not. The rating is your opinion, and you can state your stance against at&t, but the core of the review should be a description of facts and observations of the product that you are reviewing.

    Honestly, what was the point of me reading your review, or of you writing it, if your just going to suggest that I go to a store if I really want to learn about the phone. Thats what I came here for.

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