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6 responses to “Review: Motorola RAZR maxx Ve (Verizon)”

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  2. Michael

    I need a new glass front on my VE. Any parts for this avaiable. My phone work fine. It has a few cracks front . Holding it together with tape unitl I am up for an upgrade and then I want to keep this as a hot spare.

  3. kathy

    what other features does this particular phone have ?

  4. jj

    i have this phone, it it ROCKS!!! it is better tahn what these peoples describe in parts of it. the flashing lights on the front beat to your rigntone which is me favorite feature.

  5. Bruce

    phone is much better than what is described ,,,,the music player has sound that is unbelievable for a phone …and reception,,,beats that of my startac ,,,,

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