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9 responses to “Review: Motorola Triumph”

  1. Jack P

    Thanks for the info, but you need to go back to school and take an English writing class. Very poorly written.

  2. Jack

    Hey Jack, where’s your review?

    On a more constructive note, any one have a link to a working one click root? Thinking of picking one of these up tonight.

  3. PJ
  4. Sleepyhead

    “The most powerful smartphone in America “? Uh, not by a long shot. Maybe if you add the word “prepaid” to that phrase, it’ll stand a chance of being accurate.

    I agree that the writing is a bit sloppy. You’re in need of a good editor.

  5. Jon

    Yeah gingerbreak 1.2 works great and u can unroot it as well with one click. I got the triumph first day it came out and it’s a great phone. It does have a few bugs, but I’m sure one day there will be software updates from motorola’s website.

  6. Jennifer

    I thought the article was great. People who complain about poor writing are butt holes.

  7. Kim

    I agree with Jennifer. Be glad that you got an honest opinion and leave the poor guy alone. He isn’t looking to get published. He is just getting some information out there for people like us who are looking for a new phone. So many haters in the world.

  8. Richard

    This must be a different phone than the one I, and thousands of others, have had to return as defective. It is junk. Absolute junk. The screen is awful. Both radios (wifi and cell) have severe problems. Don’t take my work for it. Go look at any forum with a section for the Triumph. I saw these warnings and bought anyway. Big mistake.

  9. Leroy Farted

    I bought one for my son last week and he uses it as a mini tablet/PDA/web browser via wifi and haven’t bought a voice plan. It’s been great for him via wifi and the only thing I haven’t liked is the front camera. His complaints were the lack of tabs when surfing and ability to install Chrome extensions, but other than that it’s been pretty good for $300. I’ve read about the phone service having mixed reviews, but we haven’t turned that on yet, so I’ve no opinion about that.