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10 responses to “Review: Nokia 6205 (Verizon Wireless)”

  1. Benjamin

    I have had a chance to be hands on with this phone and 100% agree. If only the CDMA 6175 (6165 with EVDO) from back in the day that nokia decided to scrap could become reality. Another thing I noticed when I put a 6165 roaming on Verizon up against a 6205 was that the 6165 would have 3 bars with the stub down and 4 with it up while the 6205 would have 1 bar and occasionally the second bar would flicker. Shame on you Nokia.

  2. Sonic Fan

    I don’t have Verizon. but I’m impressed that you gave an honest score in your review. Doing a quick Google search for “Nokia 6205 Review”, I read some other sites reviews, and for the most part they had the same cons you had with the phone, yet it still got an average score of 3.5/5. Far to often, consumer electronics sites/magazines use a 5 point scale, yet never go lower then a 3. Are they really that deep in the advertisers pockets? It’s odd how in the video game industry, for the most part, they give honest scores (well, except maybe Gamespot), yet they still manage to survive.

  3. Rich

    It is wrong to base your opinions off an assumption of where you think the phone was manufactured (especially since you are wrong). Whatever your issues are with TechFaith they should not have anything to do with writing an unbiased review.

  4. Leslie Steele

    I am shopping for a new phone and have found this review very helpful. I definitely will not be buying this phone (as I myself found it to be very cheap looking and sounding when I looked at it yesterday in the store). The light that is called a “flash” is no flash at all when taking a picture, and the picture does come out terrible. You could barely hear the phone ringing standing 6 feet away from it when there was background noise. Overall I do believe this is a very poor idea, especially from Nokia. Hopefully they will just take this phone off the market!

  5. I have the phone and i could not recommend it to anyone, .ive had alot of issues with the phone signal bounces from evdo to 1x also network connection issues, battery drains very quickly, ringers are very low, earpeice volume low when around noise also us

    As addressed above i hope this is helpful.

  6. Haley

    I got this phone a few days ago and I don’t like it at all. It has a lot of annoying little things that add up and end up being very irritating. Some of these little quirks (none of them are a big deal alone, but all together they’re annoying): you can’t really open it with just one hand to quick read a text or answer a call, it doesn’t learn words (or maybe it does, but I haven’t figured it out – either way, it’s not easy), it won’t let me type … (three dots), and the symbols list is one big list instead of a few pages and you have to use the arrow keys to select each one (it’s very inconvenient).

  7. Simon Hova

    Thanks for the honest review! I have a Nokia E71, and I love it. My girlfriend wants to leave AT&T for their poor coverage in New York for Verizon, and I’ve been waiting for Nokia to deliver a S60 flip phone that will work with Verizon. I thought that this would be it, but it seems I will have to continue to wait.

  8. jon

    this phone is terrible. i have had to replace it 3 times in only 3 months. the phone scratches very easly and the flip top does not seem secure. worst of all my phone shuts off when you flip it shut or stick a headphone jack in it. Also the camera is worthless. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE.

  9. Shannon

    I agree. I’ve had this phone for about six months and am replacing it for the second time! The exterior screen went out completely on the first one and I had issues with texting. This one shuts off every time I get a text message and I am still having issues with the keys when trying type a text message. I have been told the replacement they are sending me has software updates to take care of these problems but I do not have a lot of faith. We will see….