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13 responses to “Review: Nokia N95-4 8 GB NAM”

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  2. Steve Litchfield

    Err…. you can’t compare the unlocked, subsidised price of one device with the fully subsidised price of another!!!!! The iPhone only looks cheap because you’re paying for it over 18 months! Add it all up and you’re looking at $2000.

    Compared to $700 or so for the Nokia. OK, you’ve got extra pay-as-you-go or whatever charges on top, but the chances are that the Nokia will still work out cheaper in the long run. It’s NOT ‘grossly’ expensive.

  3. N/A

    I completely disagree, I constantly use my Nokia N95-4 to connect with One-click access or whatever it is named, I have to say it is better than the card that ATT gives you. About WI-FI you just have set your home WI-FI as an ACCESS POINT and it will be connected when available. Camera you are right, but you forgot to mention it captures video DVD quality, while iphone does not have even video recording.

    And I cant believe you compared Nokia Maps with Gmaps, Gmaps is NOT navigation, while Nokia Maps will tell you exactly how to arrive where you want to go, activating Night Mode is extremely easy, while navigating options>night mode. If you dont like Nokia Maps install Gmaps!! and you are done,But can you install navigation on IPHONE, (2.0 too) I think NOT

    About Apps, S60 kicks Iphone OS just go to Symbian-freak and will find millions of the best apps ever.

    It is like you are not open minded to a new phone, or you hate Nokia

  4. N/A

    I agree with Steve,

    And touchscreen is not better than buttons, they are two different input methods. The user has to decide that, not you

    AHH… and the N95-4 has bigger screen, do some research before writing this please

  5. Al

    iPhone 3G:
    $40 voice + $30 data
    Total cost for 2 years of use: (40+30)x24+200=1880

    N95 8GB
    $40 voice + $15 data
    Total cost for 2 years of use: (40+15)x24+600=1920

    Not much of a difference.

  6. Steve Litchfield

    Or put a pay-as-you-go SIM in it, and it’s $1000 or less with sensible Wi-Fi use. Or don’t you have pay-as-you-go in the USA?

  7. Humberto Saabedra

    How can the Wi-Fi use be considered sensible when the implementation itself prevents the radio from functioning properly to begin with? It’s no secret that Wi-Fi on S60 is extremely hit or miss, and all of the argument regarding lifetime cost means nothing if it’s hard to live with just in the first month.

    Steve, regarding PAYG use in the US, since I’m assuming you’re posting from another country, AT&T offers unlimited PAYG data and messaging for $19.99 each per month, but even it doesn’t address the fact that the normal consumer in the US isn’t willing to even consider paying so much for a phone, much less one with glaring issues, which is why Chris stated it was grossly overpriced considering its poorly implemented non-voice features.

    A majority of enthusiasts such as myself won’t even bat an eyelash at spending up to $1000 for a phone, but I’m not willing to fork out the money for this phone, and I didn’t even pay for mine, since it was given to me as a gift from another enthusiast.

    I have to echo Chris’s sentiments because these are problems that simply should not be present in a modern smart device whatsoever, especially one from a company that positions it’s high-end products as being the pinnacle of its expertise in mobile devices.

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  9. HOWS

    The comparison to the iPhone is just not right here at all. Shouldnt be a comparison because they are two different phones. the iphone lacks too many things and is making a killing on the touch interface…. nokia did not copy the iphone on the 8gb, it was a business decision on the n95 series to mint money by changing it here and there. there are about 3 versions or so of it and each one made them money. i myself had the original and then the US n95 and now the 8gb. the 8gb has never given me any problems at all with wifi or anything else. the camera is awesome. the features i need to hook it up to facebook and listen to my music without worrying about the battery are just amazing. reviews on other sites just dont compare phones and see the good and the bad…. its a review meaning a user experiance….anyho – the n95 8gb by far, is a better phone and device than the iphone including the new one !

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