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216 responses to “Review: Palm Pre (Sprint)”

  1. Diane

    Just wanted to add my comments/2cents to this discussion.

    I have been a Sprint Subscriber for close to 20 years, ya Im OLD. The customer service maize you have to work thru to get ANY satisfaction with those people is mind numbing, but IF you can hold your ground and get to what is called the Retention Department, they sometimes CAN go above and beyond what the front line CS idiots can do.

    That said, I have been a Palm user for about as long, going from just plain palm, to Treo, to now Centro, and having interest in the new Pre.

    It was very interesting to read here that there so called “requirement of new plan” is just their own greed/marketing. What they tell people, is that the Pre wont WORK on the old Power Vision network, which did not make sense to me, but so be it.

    To learn/confirm now, that all that is , is pure GREED angers me further and sure makes me rethink my whole Sprint loyalty thing.

    My thoughts run with one poster here, to maybe buy the phone independent of their so called discount (I can get it on ebay for about 340) , change the plan, but do NOT sign up for another 2 year agreement, so IF after changing plans, and getting the Pre, I am not just over the moon happy with it all, I am NOT at their mercy for another 2 years. The phone itself would have decent resale numbers, and I would be free to to to ATT for an iPhone.

    Just makes ya shake your head huh?

  2. pappa2

    I work for Sprint. The Palm Pre does not require you to have the Everything Plan. The Palm Pre works just fine with any of the minute plans you choose plus unlimited message / data plan which includes sprint tv, sprint music, navigation, and unlimited data use. If you want you can have the most basic plan we have on the phone but we just suggest to get the best use/all feature use out of the phone is to have an everything plan. Looking at the plan price wise its great at only 99.99 compared to verizon unlimited plans. Another nice feature is it can run 4 applications at once vs an I-phone can not! AT & T ‘s I-phone is a great phone don’t take me wrong. The palm pre is a great phone too but you can get it on a less expensive plan.

  3. nitussi

    What you are saying “pappa2” sounds kool with a new customer who just switched to get a better deal, but for someone like me who has been with sprint for 10 years and was content of spending $80 a month for 3 lines, to spending $150 a month for 3 lines just because you get a new phone(which is turning out to be crap). It ain’t about sprint trying to give you the best experience, it’s about the cartel getting more money out of you by forcing you to pay for more stuff that you do not want or need.

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  5. venkat

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  6. Bobby Kolev

    And here’s yet another voice against Sprint’s clearly commercial tactics to raise revenue on the back of those who’ve been feeding it for ages.

    The Pre *can* work on the Vision plans; not at full throttle, but still good enough for those of us who aren’t used to watch streaming video on our phones. Heck it should be my decision if I want crappy service on a modern phone or same crappy service on once modern and now old phone (like the Treo 650 for example).

    While I know all carriers are the same in this regard , the fact that I am not appreciated as a customer combined with the fact that for some strange reason Spring delivers mostly voice mails when I’m speaking from my home AND with the fact that whenever I leave US I have to carry a different phone with me, well all of those combined, but starting with the fact that Sprint wouldn’t let me use Pre, BlackBery or Moment without changing my plan to a more expensive one…makes me say GOODBYE SPRINT..WELCOME T-MOBILE OR AT&T!

  7. malcolm

    For everyone who might be bummed about the fact that verizon wireless is getting an “updated version” of the palm pre, sprint still has a little trick up their sleeve, wait June 2010 and you will see whats next from palm.

  8. Harry


    You seem to be very optimistic about that one. I have been a Sprint customer since 1996 and I have never seen a better opportunity as the Palm Pre, but somehow Palm and Sprint managed to screw it up as much as they possibly could. Don’t get me wrong, I personally like Sprint services and hadn’t really have much problem with them. The problem with Sprint is that they have the worst PR (that goes to Palm too) and they still have some very bad customer representatives to get rid off.

    I really hope someday that Sprint will smell the coffee and do better by the customers and push their partners to do better by them.

    Good Luck.

  9. Basecamp Review

    I have had a total of 3 Palm Pre’s. The first 2 mysteriously died, but Palm/Sprint quickly replaced with no charge. Other than the hassle of going to the store and waiting a day, they have worked flawlessly. Personally, having worked with an iPhone and Blackberry, I think the Palm flawlessly integrates the functionality of both and provides the best interface. Unfortunately, the Apps still aren’t up to speed (compared to iPhone or even Android), but I hope developers jump in. I’m waiting for a basecamp app!


  10. Noel

    @ Harry – amen. I have a Centro, want to upgrade to the Pre. I am not a SERO, but being w Sprint for 10 years, I like my plan, I want to keep my plan, and I already have data. Can’t get the Pre w/o spending $45 more a month. WTF, Sprint.

  11. Trident

    How about an update to this review? There have been a lot of changes to what was described here.

  12. phone

    yeeh an update nice

  13. Beautiful_1970

    I have this phone and it is fabulous! I found out some interesting information today, has anyone heard about Sprint’s new Assurance Program? Well as devoted Sprint customers, we can get extra 200 minutes/month for just $10! All you do is email the President of Sprint, Mr.Hesse, and tell him you want the 200 minutes/month for $10 that is being offered through the Assurance program. Even though it is for low income supported customers, we as devoted customers deserve the same treatment! Give it a shot 🙂

    Heres the President of Sprint’s email address:

  14. Max

    I am in the Sprint/Nextel boat of having only 1 smartphone out of 3 phones, yet being required to upgrade to the everything data family plan to run my Blackberry because I want to switch over to the sprint side for data speed (right now have the Nextel Blackberry). Since the other 2 phones do zero texting/messaging/anything but make calls, I wanted to get the basic talk plan and add the BIS on for whatever they’re charging nowadays and they will not allow me to do this. Right now on the ancient fair and flex 700 plan with all my BB items as add-ons. I’d drop the BB but I need it for work. Arg….

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