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7 responses to “Review: Samsung SPH-M510 (Sprint)”

  1. caitlin

    when i try to assign a screensaver, it says that there is no memory available, even though there is like 5MB of memory!?!?!?! HEELLLPPPPP

  2. caitlin

    are you sure?? because i can’t find it

  3. Jasmine

    i have the phone it works great for me any time it says that the memory is full i reset the phone to the factory settings it does not delete anything on your phone like pictures or contacts so it does good for you the one thing in this review it the dropping of te phone you guys must have had a nice hard one because when i drop my phone i get a huge scratch somwhere but it still works perfectly fine

  4. caitlin

    no that didnt work either, sorry 🙂

  5. Chantelle

    I was wondering if you can close the phone and still listen to music? Cause I know it dosn’t have any external music keys.

  6. rob

    Any one know how to change the key pad light color?
    There is a color bar to select a different color in settings, but there seems to be no way of actually selecting the color bar for adjust ment.

    Ideas ?

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